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  • Colin Vassallo
    Apr 2, 1999
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Friday, April 2nd, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 0 3

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      >> WWF invades Germany ...
      >> Brian Pillman Memorial Show ...
      >> Thunder Report
      >> Today's Article: Rants & Raves ...
      >> WWF News ...
      >> WCW News ...


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Yesterday, alot of fans didn't notice what date it was, and eventually
      were confused by what they read on newsboards and other wrestling sites,
      INCLUDING the WCW official website, wcw.com

      Apperantly, Mr Ryder was in a good mood, and announced 'news' like there
      will be a new WCW Mini category, that WCW Live! will go 24/7 due to
      popular demand, that Ric Flair's sons David and Reid will fight in a
      'loser leaves family' match, and the one that caused most chaos, that
      the ratings were messued up by a hacker for the past few weeks.

      Folks, THESE ARE ALL FALSE. It was April 1st, and it was the appropriate
      day to put stuff like that. I recieved so MANY emails to confirm the
      above rumors, plus others. I hope everything is clear right now.

      Not too much news today, reports took up all space!


      By Sjoerd Zegers, [Savage@...]

      Looking back it's really an annual event for me to go to a live WWF
      show. It started in 1994, and every year since then I've been to a WWF
      show. We always get the WWF tour just after Wrestlemania, thus making it
      a Wrestlemania revenge tour. The best match on those events yet was Bret
      Hart vs British Bulldog in 1996. Was tonight going to give me a better

      The group of Dutch people I went with was a mix of wrestlers and
      wrestling fans. We always go to the events together and have a great
      time chanting stupid stuff. This year was no different.

      The show started with Carsten Schaeffer (German commentator) coming to
      the ring. The crowd (not sold out, about 90% of the arena was filled)
      didn't give mr. Schaeffer a warm welcome. Instead they booed him bad!
      I've noticed through the years that this booing is getting worse each
      year. Poor mr. Schaeffer! He introduced the two leading 'stooges' of
      McMahon, Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco. They came to the ring to loud
      boos aswell.
      Brisco said that they had something special for us. A new wrestler in
      the corporation would wrestle for us. It turned out to be the Brooklyn
      Brawler! What a surprise! (not a great surprise, but a surprise never
      the less!)

      Match 1: X-Pac vs Brooklyn Brawler
      Our first match was a typical match. Nothing great, nothing really
      terrible. Just a match. To make it interesting we were cheering for the
      Brawler. It didn't work though, as X-Pac pinned the Brawler within 7
      minutes. Interesting note is that X-Pac was wearing the WWF tag team
      belt he and Kane won at the Raw tapings last Tuesday. At the time of
      this event that hadn't yet been broadcasted in the US. So, it didn't
      yet happen in TV continuety, but in Germany they had no problem with
      showing the new champs. Good call I think!

      Match 2: D-Lo Brown & Ivory vs Val Venis & Jacqueline
      Wow, a mixed tag team match. A lot of people were on the side of D-Lo.
      Venis started the match of with the following: 'Val Venis is just like
      concrete, make it wet, take a step back and watch it get rock hard!'.
      The match was pretty good. A lot of powerfull, high impact moves from
      the male wrestlers. After D-Lo and Val Venis started the match and went
      at it for about 7 minutes they both needed to make the tag. They made it
      at the
      same time, so that both women could enter. After an impressive DDT from
      it was all over for the team of D-Lo and Ivory, as Jacqueline could
      easily pin Ivory.

      Match 3: HHH vs Kane
      People in Germany hadn't yet seen Wrestlemania, so they didn't know that
      HHH had joined Team Corporate. HHH even came in with his DX music. But
      soon enough HHH showed his true colors. He got on the mike and told
      everyone in the crowd to 'suck it!'. He then did a Hitler greeting for
      like a whole minute. That got the Germans real mad. Kane was the crowd
      favorite after this. At one point in the match Ken Shamrock interfered
      on behalf of HHH, and it worked. HHH pinned Kane for the win.

      Match 4: IC-title match, Jessy James vs Goldust
      Yes, Goldust is the IC-champ. After everyone said 'suck it' for the
      third time (they also did it with X-pac and HHH) it was time for Goldust
      his entrance. And it was a great one. Blue Meanie lead the way. They
      both took the second rope between their legs, and rubbed their d*cks
      across it. I was great to see Blue Meanie. I think that guy is pretty
      funny! During the match a lot of moves from Goldust ended up backfiring.
      The worst was when Goldust was trown over the top rope onto Blue Meanie
      and they ended up in the 69 position. But Goldust and Meanie didn't
      mind, they actually loved it! Goldust won the
      match after Blue Meanie hit Jessy James with the IC belt. One curtain
      call later Goldust could easily pin Jessy James.

      Match 5: Hardcore title match, Hardcore Holly vs Al Snow
      Al Snow came to the ring and loud chants of 'head' were heard. After
      that the champ came in, and everyone hated him. After a half hearted
      attempt at a hardcore match, Al Snow brought a table to the ring, and
      placed it on one of the turnbuckles, only to go through it himself.
      After that, Holly could pin Snow. After the match Snow got on the mike,
      and blamed Head for the loss. He kicked Head and even gave it a
      piledriver. After that he left the ring, only to return crying and
      saying to Head that he was sorry. We laughed our ass of!

      Match 6: Undertaker vs Ken Shamrock
      Man, has Paul Bearer become fat, or what! Shamrock is a great wrestler
      and showed some of it in this match. In good corporation fashion Big
      Bossman came to the ring and interfered. Although Bossman was succesfull
      the match didn't end there. Undertaker tried to piledrive Shamrock, but
      Shamrock got out of it. He then picked up Undertaker and tried a
      piledriver of his own. Undertaker reversed the move and piledrived Ken
      Your winner: the Undertaker.

      Isn't it great. Every year Carsten Scheaffer gets to the ring and tells
      us that they'll give us 15 minutes to get some merchandise. This is
      supposed to be a service of the WWF. Thanks WWF. But I'd rather stay in
      my chair to make some notes on the event so far. That way people all
      over the world can read what happened.

      Match 7: Billy Gunn vs Gangrel
      After we yelled 'suck it' for the forth time, Gangrel made his way to
      the ring. The strange thing was that the crowd made no noise at all.
      They didn't boo him, nor did they cheer him. They just did nothing. I
      guess people don't give a damn about Gangrel. At one point in the match
      Gangrel spit 'blood' in the face of Billy Gunn. Were did he get that
      from? I didn't get it when the Great Muta did it, and I don't get it
      now. Do they have a
      capsule in their mouth the whole match? Anyway, Billy Gunn won the match
      when he pinned his opponent.

      Match 8: Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart vs Christian & Edge
      Jarrett got on the mike and told everyone that Owen Hart didn't like to
      be called 'Nugget'. And like cattle most people in the crowd start
      chanting 'Nugget'. After a reasonably good match the Broodmembers won
      the match.

      Match 9: Paul Wight vs Big Bossman
      It's the second time that I saw Paul Wight in real life (first time was
      at a WCW show in 1997). What a big guy! So, aginst such a big man, will
      the Big Bossman have a chance? Nope. This was actually the first squash
      match I saw live! Giant pinned Bossman after a chokeslam. The match
      lasted one minute!

      Match 10: WWF title: Steve Austin vs The Rock
      Rematch from Wrestlemania. The crowd (which was pretty silent the whole
      evening) exploded when Austin came in. The match started good, with the
      most intense tie-up I've ever seen. The match went to the outside and
      into the first row! The action went back into the ring. Just when Austin
      wanted to make a cover and the ref had counted to two, Brisco pulled the
      ref out of the ring. That way he couldn't make a three count. Austin
      went mad and slapped both Brisco and Patterson. After that he stunned
      the Rock and pinned him for the victory.

      It was a decent night of action from the WWF. We had a lot of fun. After
      the show we sneaked into a VIP section of the building, only to see that
      the wrestlers already had left. We just missed them. Better luck next

      Outside we met other fans from Holland and gave them a flyer for the
      next Dutch FCW wrestlingshow. That show will be held on the 17th of
      April in The Hague. For more info or comments about this report you can
      mail me at SAVAGE@.... Thanks for reading!


      By Josh Bricker

      Wednesday, May 19, 1999, is the official date for the 1999 BRIAN PILLMAN

      Here's the scheduled guest list:

      - Stone Cold Steve Austin; Ric Flair; Bret Hart; Chris Benoit; Mankind;
      Dean Malenko; Chris Jericho; Al Snow; D-Lo Brown; Terry Taylor; Ricky
      Steamboat; Road Dogg Jess James; Woman ; Mark Curtis; Dr. Tom Prichard;
      and many others!

      Here's the ticket prices:

      Ringside (6 rows) $50
      Floor Seats (7 rows) $30
      Elevated around floor level $25
      General Seating $20

      In addition to the wrestling, there will be photo sessions with the
      stars, a special silent auction, raffles, prizes and MUCH MORE! Tickets
      go on sale April 7 through all Ticketmaster outlets
      (www.ticketmaster.com) or throught the Cincinnati Gardens Box Office at


      By Joe DeLeon

      • The announcer's noted that Sting would have a message to make on the
      4/5 Nitro from Las Vegas, Nevada.

      • Raven and Saturn Interview, Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
      - It was announced Raven and Saturn would take on Chris Benoit and Dean
      Malenko at Spring Stampede. Both were asked what they were doing back
      together after they split once before. Raven mentioned that he and
      Saturn used to always pick on a high school girl named Beulah
      McGuillicuty. Saturn said, "That wasn't me, that was Tommy (Dreamer),
      you goof." Raven and Saturn then basically said they would beat Benoit
      and Malenko at Spring Stampede.

      • Norman Smiley defeated Erik Watts by making him submit to the Norman
      - After Erik Watts was feeling too good about his dominance over Norman
      Smiley, Smiley came back with the Norman Conquest for the win. WCW
      changed the camera view when Smiley held up a "Spank Smiley" sign and
      also when he started to do the Big Wiggle.

      • Backstage, Chris Jericho confronted J.J. Dillon. Jericho said since
      Curt Hennig was injured, he (Jericho) should gain his spot back in the
      United States Title tournament. Dillon said for Jericho to get him the
      rulebook, but for now, the answer was no.

      • Raven and Saturn defeated Mike Enos and Bobby Duncum, Jr. with Raven's
      Even-Flow DDT.
      - At one point during the match, Mike Enos used Bobby Duncum, Jr.'s
      cowbell on Raven. Saturn later strapped Duncum in the Rings of Saturn,
      but Enos make the save. LDuncum was bringing in his cowbell, but ended
      up hitting Enos with it, after Enos tapped him a
      little too hard on the back, but not purposely. Raven then put Enos
      through the Even-Flow DDT for the win. Afterward, Chris Benoit and Dean
      Malenko ran in and attacked their Sprng Stampede opponents. Raven and
      Saturn were completely taken down with a
      beating and a chair.

      • Backstage, Ric Flair and J.J. Dillon were having a conversation. Chris
      Jericho interrupted to talk to Flair about Hennig being unable to
      participate in the United States Title tournament due to an injury.
      Flair said he liked Jericho and would allow him back in the U.S. Title

      • United States Title Tournament: Chris Jericho defeated Chris Adams by
      making him submit to the Lion Tamer.
      - At one point during the match, Chris Adams caught Chris Jericho with
      the Superkick, but on the outside of the ring. Jericho later strapped
      Adams in the Lion Tamer for the win.

      • Backstage, The Disciple walked into Ric Flair's locker room. Flair
      explained to The Disciple that his contracted expired in 30 days. Flair
      asked The Disciple how long he knew Hollywood Hogan. The Disciple
      responded for 20 some years. Flair told The Disciple he was the man and
      The Disciple said he was. Flair explaned to The Disciple Hollywood Hogan
      won the right to face him (Flair) at Spring Stampede for the Heavyweight
      Title after defeating Diamond Dallas Page the previous Monday on Nitro.
      Flair said if The Disciple defeated Hogan in a match later in the show,
      he would extend his contract for three more years and double his salary
      figure. The Disciple thought about it, said he had no choice, and
      eventually accepted.

      • Meng and Jerry Flynn defeated Hugh Morrus and The Barbarian (w/Jimmy
      Hart) with Meng's Tongan Death Grip.
      - Meng was booked to team up with Jerry Flynn, but Flynn was attacked in
      the backstage area by Hugh Morrus, Jimmy Hart, and The Barbarian. Meng
      ran backstage to the aid of Flynn. Meng ended up returning to the ring
      to fight Morrus and The Barbarian on his own. Meng was basically
      dominated. Flynn made his way down, holding his head after he was
      piledrived backstage, and got himself involved after Morrus went for the
      No Laughing Matter Moonsault. Meng then strapped The Barbarian in the
      Tongan Death Grip for the win. Hart ran in and hit Meng with a chair,
      but it had no effect. Meng booted the chair into Hart.

      • Hollywood Hogan Interview, Conducted by Gene Okerlund.
      - Hollywood Hogan said he had no problem going through other people to
      get to Ric Flair for the Heavyweight Title, including The Disciple.
      Hogan said as long as the title match was set for Spring Stampede, the
      match was fine with him. Flair made his way out near
      the entrance way. He first told a few fans in the crowd to shut up. When
      Flair mentioned Richmond, Virginia and the crowd cheered, he told them
      to shut up. Flair brought out The Disciple and introduced him with the
      name Ed Leslie. Leslie said since his future was on
      the line, he would run over Hogan. Hogan once again said he could run
      over anyone because he still had the title match at the PPV. Flair got
      upset, and started to yell at a couple of fans, telling them to get out
      of the building.

      • Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko (w/Arn Anderson) defeated Chavo
      Guerrero, Jr. and Kaz Hayashi with Malenko's Texas Cloverleaf.
      - The announcer's were arguing during the match. Tony Schiavone said he
      would act like Larry Zbyszko and Mike Tenay could call the match on his
      own. Dean Malenko hit Kaz Hayashi with a tigerbomb followed by the Texas
      Cloverleaf for the win. Afterward,
      Raven and Saturn ran in to gain revenge. They destroyed The Four
      Horsmen members and even took a shot at Arn Anderson. Saturn tried to
      Benoit through a table with an awesome flying bodypress to the outside
      of the ring, but the table didn't break.

      • Pre-recorded footage was shown of Hollywood Hogan talking to the NWO
      Black and White and The Wolfpac. Hogan said Scott Steiner could go after
      Booker T. soon and capture te Television Title. Stevie Ray argued,
      saying he thought his brother was off limits
      from now on. Hogan and The Wolfpac said everything was under control and
      they were all family. The NWO Black and White asked Hogan what was up
      with him telling each of them they were the leader of the Black and
      White. Hogan said he made a mistake. He told the Black and White members
      would get into a battle royal on the 4/5 Nitro, with the last man left
      in the ring becoming the official leader of the Black and White.

      • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Horace with the Diamond Cutter.

      • Hollywood Hogan defeated The Disciple with the Big Leg Drop.
      - Hollywood Hogan's waist belt was brought into the match. Hogan started
      to "Hulk Up." He was about to go for the Big Leg Drop, but Ric Flair
      tripped him. The Disciple hit his Apocalypse finishing maneuver, but
      Hogan surprisingly recovered and nailed The Disciple
      with the Big Leg Drop for the win. Afterwards, Flair entered and
      attacked the referee. He also lay a few chest slaps on Hogan, but Hogan
      was still up. Hogan put Flair through a big boot and a Big Leg Drop.
      Four Horsemen members interfered, and Hogan was immediately
      out-numbered. Hogan ended up taking out every Horsemen member.

      • The show finished off with WCW plugging Sting's announcement the
      following Monday on Nitro.


      >> RANTS & RAVES
      By Chris Ciolfitto, [Chris316@...]

      Hey everyone, for this edition of Rants & Raves, I present something a
      little different for you. Here's the story...I was cleaning out the
      drawers of my desk where all my junk is stored and what did I come
      across, issues 1-8 of this very newsletter. For some reason or another,
      I had printed them out. Therefore, I present to you, my loyal fans, the
      very FIRST edition of Rants & Raves reprinted word for word from issue 7
      of the
      WWF Online Newsletter. Now you can see, in living colour, how much the
      first R&R really sucked and how much I've evolved as a writer (don't
      laugh, I HAVE gotten better!) since then. Enjoy...


      Rants & Raves
      Issue #7 - November 3, 1996

      Hi everyone! I'm back doing WWF Superstars results every week, but now,
      you are gonna hear my opinions on the WWF.

      Okay, first of all, Monday Night RAW is losing every week to WCW Monday
      Nitro. You want to know why, I'll tell you why. Most people don't want
      to watch the WWF champion wrestle in non title matches, and that's all
      there seems to be on RAW. Jobber matches, Aldo Montoya vs. Crush?
      Freddie Joe Floyd vs. Vader Alex Porteau vs. Faarooq Asad? Give me a
      break! Who in their right minds want to see matches like this? I sure
      as hell don't. Nitro is 2 hours and always live, RAW is 1 hour and
      usually taped! You
      don't have to be a brainiac to figure that one out. Interruptions,
      every time Shawn Michaels wrestles his match usually never gets to
      finish because of an interruption from some other wrestler. Shawn vs.
      Stone Cold could've been the greatest match in RAW history but of course
      Vince sends Vader out to do some damage. GET THE MESSAGE VINCE! LET

      Next of all is stupid gimmicks. Aldo Montoya is a perfect exmple. The
      freak wears a jockstrap on his face for god's sake. He's an
      embarrassment to all of the WWF. To gain some respectability, rip the
      jock strap off his face, change his gimmicj and have him attack Sycho
      Sid or something like that. Lil' Penny would make a better wrestler
      then Montoya. Bob Holly is another gimmick gone bad. The "Two sport
      superstar"? I don't think he is a Superstar in either sport. He
      started out good when he got that victory over Double J back in 94, but
      he has gone downhill from there. GET THE MESSAGE VINCE! BETTER

      One more thing this week. Dan Severn is rumoured to be coming to the
      WWF. If this is true then the WWF has made a good deal. Severn can
      bring a whole new section of fans to the WWF. If you don't know who
      Severn is, let me refresh your memory. Severn competed in the UFC and
      won the UFC Ultimate Championship, he also won the NWA Championship in
      his career. If the WWF gets Severn, Vince had better get hisact
      together sohe is able to keephim.

      That'smy opinion for this week. next week, my topic will be "Why I hate
      Gorilla Monsoon" Thanks for reading.



      Now that was a trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed it and we now
      return you to 1999...


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - The WWF opened their own racing website at http://www.wwfracing.com .
      If you're a speedster fan, check it out.

      - Rumors are that Vince McMahon will get in a feud with his son, Shane
      McMahon. Shane may blame Vince for always liking Stephanie McMahon more
      than him. Shane is now the 'boss' of the Corporation.

      - As an April fools joke Nintendo.com has made up a fake preview of a
      game called 'Stone Cold Quest 64'. Visit
      http://www.nintendo.com/april1/stonecold/index.html for the preview.
      (Sunny Sandhu)


      NewsStation - http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation/

      - Are you good at playing games and have always wanted WCW's new WCW/nWo
      Thunder for Playstaion? For your chance to win, check out the best place
      for Shockwave games over at Candystand.com and try to win the game for
      yourself or just play all their other games for the fun of it. For
      specifics, you can click on the link at the bottom which will directly
      send you to the game. There you can find instructions in order to win.
      (Darryl Villacorta)

      - WCW Live 4/1 (post Thunder with Bret Hart) recap | By Michael Tavares

      Hosts -- Jeremy Borash & Bob Ryder

      Bob Ryder gave his thoughts on tonight's Thunder. Mark Madden joined in.
      Madden talked
      to Bret Hart. Contract is up Dec 1, 1999. Bret said he quit and that fed
      up is a better
      word. He hasn't retired. Still feels he has some left in him. Some
      notable quotes from Bret Hart when answering questions from the show --

      On his career with WCW --
      "I feel like a baseball player that is well paid sitting in the dugout.
      I never get to play. I never get to prove myself. They finally called me
      up and let me go to bat. I hit a big pitch."

      His thoughts on what the fans think of this as a shoot or work --
      "I really don't give a shit. I don't care what wrestling fans think.
      They can believe
      whatever they want. I don't care what they talk about for a long time."

      What was worse? What WWF did to him or what WCW didn't do with him? --
      "It will be always worse what the WWF did to me."

      Bret Hart on his thoughts on WCW --
      "I should have wrestled Hulk Hogan in my first ten seconds of work at

      Bret Hart on this past Monday's Nitro --
      "I was really grateful with the reaction (in Canada)."

      Bret Hart with more comments --
      "I don't think I have been getting the respect I deserved. It's easy to
      make money. It's
      harder to make a difference. I haven't been able to make any kind of an
      impact. It's been a slow unintelligent death. I put a lot into it (my
      job) and I expect some curtoesy back."

      Bret Hart on entering and about this past Monday night's Nitro --
      "I think there was a lot of fear...I'm glad I said that (on talking
      about Austin on Nitro)."

      Bret Hart made more comments --
      "I've been down this road before and I'm not going to let it happen to
      me again. I don't
      conside myself screwing the WCW. I haven't at all. I believe I wasn't
      getting any respect from WCW. I couldn't imagine going back there (WWF).
      I have an option on a third year. I'll look at everything. Ive had
      people express to me that WWF wants me back. I don't know if that is
      true and I don't care what Vince McMahon thinks. You have to believe me
      when I say this but I can quit when I want to and if I never have
      another wrestling match I can be happy with that. I never saw it (ESPN

      Madden gave his thoughts on Bret Hart, "If he's b.s.ing, he's doing a
      pretty good job."
      Also discussed how Bret may not be able to resist the temptation of
      returning to the
      WWF as he could be in the spotlight as the "Corportate Vince" angle is
      huge. "If Bret is
      workin', he is workin' me." Madden also talked about the Brian Pillman
      shoot-work as he
      was able to get the real scoop from him, but can't seem to with Bret
      Hart. Talked about
      how Eric Bischoff and Bret Hart aruged. Ryder feels Bret is still upset
      with the company. Madden, Ryder, and Borash discussed the Bret Hart

      Other topics --

      Thunder was discussed. Four Horsemen worked as a unit, Chris Jericho in
      United States
      title tournament, Erik Watts was in a match and looked good, Madden
      talked about why it
      is easier for WWF to organize their wrestlers into storylines unlike WCW
      (due to too many wrestlers in WCW), Raven in his interview time with
      Saturn two names were mentioned
      including Beaulah McGuillicutty and Tommy Dreamer.

      Question -- In 1999 should we be seeing Flair and Hogan? Conflict of
      interest of Kevin
      Nash and main event wrestlers?

      Madden & Ryder - They draw and the numbers prove it. Nash has not been
      in a main event since being a booker. Helps lay the foundation. Ryder
      feels it is a "catch-22."

      Question -- Will the incest angle still happen? --
      Shamrock turned it down said Madden and to check Dave Meltzer's Observer
      newsletter or hotline.

      Madden plugged the hotline about the Nitro next week for announcing.

      Caller feels Bret Hart situation is a shoot as he feels he is a mark for
      the spotlight and the title belt. Also talked about why "G-rating" will
      not have an effect on advertising will switch from one to another. Gave
      the United States Coast Guard commercial during Raw as an example.
      Madden, Ryder, and Borsha discussed what the called said with his

      Question -- Who do you think can carry the company once Nash, Hogan,
      Flair are gone
      Madden & Ryder both agreed on Chris Jericho.

      Question -- When is Davey Boy Smith coming back? Any chance of Sunny in
      Madden said he is working for Stampede Wrestling. Madden would like to
      see her in WCW
      by his example of choosing her or Beaulah McGuillicutty. They all
      discussed WCW being in
      Canada. Madden doesn't think WCW should go to Australia when you can
      save on
      traveling expenses and sell out here in Northern America.

      Question on the set change. They feel it will have a much better impact.
      Madden plugs
      his hotline report again for word on the announcer situation.

      Lenny Lane and Disco Inferno could be future guests on WCW Live soon.

      Question -- Bret Hart as a plant by WWF? (based on documentary with
      footage of WWF)
      "Don't go back to reading those websites." Bret Hart has x-rays to back
      up his fist was
      messed up when punching Vince McMahon.

      Question -- A new opening scence for beginning of Nitro?
      Madden said yes. Ryder mentioned something about making hour number one
      a preshow.
      WCW had considered doing a post show of what just happened on Nitro, but
      it never did

      Question -- Will Ted Turner ever get involved with WCW?
      Madden said no as Turner has too much class.

      Caller talks about how WCW cuts to commercial and fans will want to
      switch to WWF
      Raw. Madden agrees. Caller said WWF main eventers work like
      cruiserweights (meaning
      quickly) thus they don't have a cruiserweight division. Ryder talked
      about how WCW has
      to manage to schedule around the commercials.

      WCW shake up and new WWF tag team champions discussed on Mark Madden's
      hotline tonight.


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