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  • Colin Vassallo
    May 1, 2007
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      Tuesday May 1st 2007 Issue #2463
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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Nothing to say today! Later.

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      - The World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker is suffering from a torn
      bicep tendon and will be having the injury evaluated today before the
      Smackdown! tapings in Birmingham, AL., under the hands of Dr James Andrews.
      Dave Meltzer of the Observer is reporting that there's a big possibility
      that 'Taker will be out for a long period of time and his reign as World
      champion will be cut short. If he can wrestle another match for the title
      and drop it there that will be the way to go however it all depends on the
      results by Dr Andrews. Meltzer says that the general belief is that he
      suffered a complete muscle tear off the bone which can take up eight long
      months to recover from.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4577]

      - Revised and accurate numbers for 'The Condemned' weekend box office total
      were released and it's an even more scary number than the original
      approximate of $4 million in revenue. On Friday the movie did $1,333,622
      followed by $1,480,759 on Saturday and $993,214 on Sunday bringing the total
      to just $3,807,595 for the weekend. The initial number wasn't good news for
      WWE Films and Lionsgate on Sunday as they expected that the movie would do
      much better considering Austin's popularity. This revised number is
      certainly worse and it seems like the movie won't be in cinemas as long as
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4571]

      - The following videos are on the Billboard top 10 Recreational Sports DVD
      chart for the week ending May 5th. 'Ric Flair & The Four Horsemen' debuts in
      the first place, 'The New And Improved! DX' in third, 'Royal Rumble 2007' in
      fourth, 'No Way Out 2007' in fifth and 'Mick Foley: Greatest Hits & Misses'
      wraps up the list in the tenth place.
      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/%5d

      - After announcing the concept a couple of months ago, TNA today uncovered
      its new mobile service titled 'TNA Mobile' in conjunction with New Motion,
      Inc. The new service will include never-before-seen videos, breaking stories
      from backstage at PPVs and iMPACT! tapings, injury updates and stuff that's
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      - [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4578]


      By Jen Robinson -[jenwrestlingonline@...]-

      Hello, Wrestling-Online readers, and Welcome to the Jumble!

      This past Tuesday night's episode of ECW started off with a "WrestleMania"
      rematch between Bobby Lashley and Umaga. Now I don't have a problem with
      that, even though I'm not the world's biggest fan of either man. My biggest
      problem with this match was the fact that it was the first match of the
      night. Remember the good ol' days when the Heavyweight Champion, no matter
      who he was, always wrestled last on the card, no matter who his opponent was
      or whether or not his title was on the line?

      This feud between CM Punk and Elijah Burke is great! Punk sounded so sincere
      when he apologized to the rest of the New Breed for his actions the week
      before, but there were times when he was struggling to keep from smiling
      and/or laughing at Burke . and Burke could obviously tell and didn't like
      it. The sneak attack on Burke after the main event, followed by the "I'm
      sorry," was classic, too. This is one guy who knows how to play mind games
      successfully! I would like to see the New Breed follow Punk and dump Burke
      as their leader, which would hopefully give Thorn, Stryker, and Cor Von a
      chance to shine on their own without having Burke around all the time at
      ringside. I don't see Punk as the permanent leader of the New Breed, but
      perhaps his leadership would direct the others into some fresh, innovative
      feuds with people other than the Originals. There's only so many
      combinations of matches than can be done with the same eight guys, after
      all! Let's allow Punk to bring something new to the table for this group of
      young talents!

      There's definitely a bright light on the horizon for "SmackDown!" Last
      Friday's episode was awesome and had some excellent matches. Right from the
      start they got the ball rolling with the attack by Batista on Mr. Kennedy,
      followed by the beat down of Batista by Kennedy and Finlay. So there was
      action from the get-go, not the normal twenty minute long-winded segment
      "Raw" usually gives us. And I absolutely loved the Undertaker's mind games
      when he appeared in the ring long enough to scare off Finlay and Kennedy,
      and then promptly disappeared again. He should do that more often! Pop in
      for a scare at anytime, then pop back out and leave everyone wondering when
      he'll pop back in again. I enjoyed the main event match between these four
      wrestlers, too, although it would've been nice if they had more time. I
      think the match only lasted roughly ten or fifteen minutes, but could've
      easily gone a little longer.

      What a freaky tag team Kane and Boogeyman make! Maybe we should let these
      two team together more often! I was seriously laughing at Kane's expression
      when Boogey offered him some worms, too. Classic!

      Please, please, please, WWE, I am begging you, please, do NOT bring back
      Mark Henry! He brings nothing to the sport and to your programs. Push the
      talented wrestlers you've got and get rid of the unnecessary baggage!

      Let's give credit to Jillian Hall for being willing to walk out in front of
      a lot of people, both in the arenas and on television, and howl like a sick
      cat into her microphone! She's willing to make a complete fool of herself
      for the fans' entertainment. It's nice to see her wrestling again, too. Her
      opponent, Michelle McCool, looked sort of like a trampy space cadet in her
      black and silver outfit, but I really think her wrestling skills are

      There was a scary moment during the match between current Tag Champ Deuce
      and former Champ Brian Kendrick. It involved their respective tag team
      partners, Domino and Paul London. London was violently pulled off of the
      ring apron by Domino and came very close to cracking his head on the
      announce table. And I mean VERY close. Sure this kind of stuff adds drama to
      the feud, but the health of the wrestlers should not be on the line in order
      to achieve that drama. I understand these men and women are taking some
      risks when they get into the ring because accidents can and do happen.
      Darren Drozdov is proof of that. (For anyone who doesn't know who Droz is,
      he was a wrestler who was accidentally injured during a match and is now
      paralyzed.) Luckily, London did not hit his head and is okay, but there are
      times when I would just like to see a little more thought put into the
      safety of the performers. Don't wrap them in bubble wrap or anything, but
      perhaps re-think some angles so that an accident might be avoided.

      I didn't see "Backlash" on Sunday for two reasons - 1) the PPVs are getting
      too expensive to buy every month and 2) they usually end up showing the same
      matches on "Raw,", "SD," and "ECW" anyway so why pay for them? I do have a
      couple of thoughts after reading the results, though. Why did the "Last Man
      Standing" match between the Undertaker and Batista go to a draw? I'm
      guessing it's to keep their feud hot, but it sounds like the fans (both in
      the arena and those that saw the match on TV) wanted a winner. I'm glad
      Chris Benoit kept the United States Championship! Now let's give him the
      real push he deserves! And who in their right mind made the decision to put
      the ECW Title on VINCE??? Okay, I know, Vince made himself champion, of
      course, but WHY?? He really needs to get OVER himself already!

      I may be the only one out there who did this, but I laughed my head off when
      I read that Steve Austin's movie, "The Condemned," totally tanked at the box
      office this weekend. I don't like Austin at all. I used to like him back
      when he was still wrestling, but I lost all respect for him after he left
      the WWE twice when things weren't going his way and because he physically
      assaulted his wife (that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me).
      I enjoyed going to the theater for both "See No Evil" and "The Marine," but
      I will not be spending my money on Austin's movie and I'm glad to hear that
      others aren't either. Maybe WWE will see that he really isn't the draw
      anymore that he used to be.

      Wow, "Raw" actually had a decent show last night! The Randy Orton/Edge match
      (which was originally supposed to happen last week in London but couldn't
      because Randy got sent home for bad behavior) was a great way to start the
      night off, instead of the usual twenty minute Vince "I'm wonderful and
      everyone else is not" McMahon ramblings. You could easily predict that Edge
      would win since Randy is persona non grata with the WWE right now, but it
      was still a much better opening than we've seen for a few weeks.

      Finally, the writers are listening when the fans say they want to see the
      Divas in actual wrestling matches instead of fluff garbage! The tag team
      match pitting Victoria and Melina against Mickie James and Candice Michelle
      was a very refreshing and welcome change!

      Please, someone, anyone, please stop Ric Flair from wrestling anymore! This
      feud with Carlito is not going anywhere and will only drag Carlito down. He
      should be in contention for the IC Title instead of wrestling someone like
      Flair. Flair has so much to offer as a manager for either a current young
      talent who needs a push or for a rookie who needs some guidance to help him
      (or her) find their niche that it's cruel to have him continuing on as a

      I was guessing along with the rest of you as to who attacked Shawn Michaels,
      Edge, and Randy Orton backstage, but I was only joking when I told a friend
      that it was probably Khali! Why in the world does WWE keep him around? Oh,
      wait, he's huge and powerful. That's why. It certainly isn't because he cuts
      excellent promos because he's proven he can't do that! Unless he suddenly
      learns how to speak intelligently (or at least clearly), he will never be
      the big star that WWE keeps trying to push him as.

      Well, that will do it for me this week! Take care and drop me a line!

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