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207[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #237

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  • Colin Vassallo
    Dec 1, 1998
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      | Tuesday, December 1st, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 2 3 7
      | *Issue #237* |
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      ii - Raw Is War Report

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      By Colin Vassallo
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      Today, we kick off what has become a 'tradition'. The 3rd Annual
      Wrestling-Online Newsletter Annual Awards! This year, Chris Ciolfitto
      will take care of everything. You have till December 31st to vote. Send
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      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Fans in the UK can now order WWF merchandise from Event! Merchandise
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      - The WWF is in negotiations with Pittsburgh Steelers Running Back,
      Jerome Bettis, also known as the "Bus" to his NFL colleagues. The deal
      consists of 3 Television appearances, most likely RAW programs, as well
      as the possiblity of a PPV showcase as well, probably WrestleMania. This
      move would certainly explain why the WWF have purchased advertising time
      during the Superbowl. (DeSatnes)


      By Joe De Leon

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview
      - Raw is War was originally scheduled to start off with a match involved
      The Headbangers. When The Headbangers were entering the ring, Austin was
      shown arriving backstage, heading straight towards the ring with a
      shovel. He went into the ring and stunned The Insane Clown Posse and The
      Headbangers. Austin said he didn't want to wait until the Burried Alive
      Match at In Your House: Rock Bottom. He said The Undertaker would be
      wearing the shovel upside his head by time the night was over.

      • Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin asked referee, Jim Korderas if he
      had seen The Undertaker. Korderas said he hadn't seen him, and Austin
      pushed him away. Austin continued to look for The Undertaker.

      • The Brood (Gangrel and Edge, w/Christian) defeated The New Age Outlaws
      by Disqualification, to let Outlaws retain the Tag Team Titles.
      - In the beginning of the match, Gangrel spat a red substance in Billy
      Gunn's face. Edge then gave Jesse James a heracanrana from the top rope,
      and then went for one on Gunn, but Gunn powerbombed Edge instead. Team
      Corporate appeared near the entrance-way. Ken Shamrock and The Big
      Bossman ran in, to the aid of The New Age Outlaws. Gunn and James left
      talking to Vince McMahon's associates.

      • Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin continued to look for The
      Undertaker. When he turned his back and looked in a freezer room, The
      Undertaker pushed him in and locked the door.

      • Mark Henry was shown with D-Lo Borwn, getting ready for his date with
      Chyna. Henry asked D-Lo to come along with him. D-Lo said he had to be
      confident and just go for it.

      • Undertaker Interview (w/Paul Bearer).
      - The Undertaker challenged Kane to a brawl right then and there. He
      said, "One will face the future, and one will face eternal darkness."
      Kane came down started to brawl with his brother. Security ran in, with
      nightsticks and straight jackets. Kane punched them all out and escaped
      through the crowd.

      • Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown were shown exiting a hotel. Henry gave D-Lo
      a chauffeur's hat and a suit to put on, telling D-Lo he would drive the
      limousine. D-Lo was not very happy. Mark Henry then left to pick up

      • X-Pac Interview.
      - X-Pac said if we wanted to know what was going on with The New Age
      Outlaws, then we would have to ask them ourselves. He asked Shawn
      Michaels to confront him. HBK came out, and told X-Pac there was a new
      sheriff in town. HBK said X-Pac looked like he wanted to fight, so he
      would take on Ken Shamrock later in the show for the European Title.

      • Mark Henry and Chyna arrived at a restaurant. Henry escorted Chyna in.
      He pulled out a set of flowers for Chyna, seeing they were only $1.99.

      • Backstage, the freezer door that Stone Cold Steve Austin was locked in
      was opened.

      • Mark Henry and Chyna were shown at the restaurant. He asked the waiter
      to get him some water, and not tap water.

      • Goldust defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra McMichael) by Disqualification.
      - Owen Hart did color commentary. When Goldust set up Jeff Jarrett for
      the Shattered Dreams Kick, Debra McMichael made her way in. Goldust got
      distracted, as Owen ran in and attacked him. The Blue Blazer then ran
      down. He first attacked Goldust but then clothes-lined Hart. He unmasked
      himself, revealing he was Steve Blackman.

      • Backstage, The Undertaker was looking for Kane, while Stone Cold Steve
      Austin was looking for The Undertaker.

      • Ladder Match: The Big Bossman defeated Mankind, to become the new
      Hardcore Champion.
      - Mankind came out with The JOB Squad, but Shawn Michaels sent them all
      back. Michaels did color commentary during the match. Mankind hit The
      Big Bossman with the ladder several times. He also attempted to climb it
      twice, but did not succeed. Mankind tried again, but The Rock ran down
      and knocked him off, followed by the Rock Bottom, which let Bossman
      climb the ladder to become the new Hardcore Champion. Michaels, The
      Rock, and Bossman attacked Mankind even more after the match.

      • Backstage, Paul Bearer came to The Undertaker and claimed he knew
      where Kane was. The
      Undertaker and Kane were then shown brawling in the locker room area.
      The Undertaker knocked out Kane and then opened up a body bag. Austin
      came out of a closet from behind and and broke the shovel right over The
      Undertaker's head.

      • Duane Gill (w/Pasadena Chargers) defeated Marc Mero via Pinfal, to
      retain the Light Heavyweight Title.
      - Before the match, Marc Mero announced if he didn't defeat Duane Gill,
      he would retire from professional wrestling. Gill came out with The
      Pasadena Chargers. As Marc Mero went for Marvelocity, The Blue Meanie
      appeared and pushed him off the rope. Gill then covered Mero, who was
      now officialy retired.

      • Backstage, Paul Bearer sent for security.

      • Mark Henry read Chyna a poem in the restaurant. He also asked her if
      she wanted to dance after dinner. She shrugged her shoulders, as if she
      didn't care.

      • X-Pac defeated Ken Shamrock by Disqualification, to retain the
      European Title.
      - Once again, Shawn Michaels joined in for color commentary. During the
      match, backstage, The McMahon's and their associates were shown talking
      to The New Age Outlaws, attempting to recruit them. When X-Pac executed
      the X-Factor, Michaels pulled out the referee, while Shamrock stapped
      X-Pac in the Ankle Lock. A returning Hunter Hearst Helmsley then ran
      down to make the save.

      • Backstage, Paul Bearer's men took Kane away in a body bag.

      • Mark Henry and Chyna were shown at the bar near the dance floor. Henry
      wanted to dance, but Chyna did not want to. Henry said he needed to use
      the restroom and would be back shortly. Three men walked in, asking
      Chyna if she wanted to dance. Chyna said, "Get lost." The guy said, "Do
      I make you horny, baby?" Chyna responded, "I'll tell you one more time -
      get lost!" The guy then said, "Get up, bitch and dance." Chyna knocked
      the guy out, and Henry joined in. Henry and Chyna left the bar together.

      • Val Venis (w/The Godfather and ho's) defeated Tiger Ali Singh (w/Babu)
      by Disqualification.
      - The ho's distracted Babu. Terri Runnels and Jacqueline ran in. Jackie
      distracted The Godfather, while Terri gave Val Venis a low-blow. The
      Accalites (Faarooq and Bradshaw) then came out and attacked Tiger Ali
      Singh and Babu.

      • Outside of the arena, an ambulance drove away. Paul Bearer walked back
      into the arena, thinking Kane was in the ambulance, but then Stone Cold
      Steve Austin and Kane were shown watching a monitor together.

      • Shane McMahon Interview.
      - Shane McMahon said Sable would be nothing without Vince McMahon, and
      would been an advertising woman if it weren't for his dad. Shane then
      introduced Sable, who advertised WWF's new cologne. He told her to spray
      it on his hand. As he smelt it, Sable sprayed the cologne in his face.
      Sable walked off.

      • The Rock defeated Al Snow via Pinfall, to retain the Heavyweight
      - The Rock took Al Snow to the outside and they started brawling with
      him. Snow attempted a moonsault off the guard barrier but missed. Snow
      brought The Rock back in the ring. Snow went for a clothes-line on The
      Rock, but accidently hit the referee instead. The Rock then took the
      advantage and delivered the Rock Bottom, and gave the Corporate Elbow to
      Head. Snow then took Head and hit The Rock with it. The Big Bossman and
      Ken Shamrock ran down. As Snow was distracted by the Team Corporate
      members, The Rock hit Snow with the Head to make the pinfall. Mankind
      and JOB Squad came out and brawled with Team Corporate.

      • Backstage, Paul Bearer couldn't find The Undertaker. Stone Cold Steve
      Austin appeared, and told Bearer to look in the freezer, where Kane
      popped out. Austin and Kane then brought Paul Bearer down to the ring.
      He asked Bearer how he felt now that he sent The Undertaker to the
      assylum. Austin said The Undertaker and Bearer did the wrong thing by
      trying to embalm him. He pulled out scissors and was set to stab Bearer,
      but had a better idea. Kane and Austin brought Bearer to the backstage
      area and then to the otuside othe arena. Kane and Austin opened up a
      sewer lid, and stuff Bearer in there
      head-first. The sewer lid was then sealed.


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      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - I didn't hear this one, but according to Meltzer, there has been no
      adveritsing of Randy Savage making appearance at the 12/3 Thunder in
      Memphis, Tennessee. Meltzer also says that when Savage returns (probably
      in January), he'll have a new valet, who ooks like Pamela Anderson. (De

      - WCW Hotline Report | Host: Mark Madden | Reports by Scotsman | Seeker

      - The retirement of Hollywood Hogan is still hot with Rumors. Hogan will
      probably NOT wrestle a farewel match at the January 4 Nitro. But he may
      make a speech.

      - Announcers are mentioning him alot more.

      - Hogan was going to announce the retirement on Nitro, but was asked to
      do it on Leno to add credibilty. This will most likely turn out to him
      returning in 6 or 7 months as Hulk Hogan the mega face good guy. Unless
      the politics thing gets big. Ted Turner might not want his employee
      running against him. If Turner did it, Vince might.

      - Wrestlings new king of Hardcore is Scott Hall who rolled his car 5
      times. It was caused from him falling asleep at the wheel. DRUGS AND
      ALCOHOL were NOT INVOLVED. The substance problem may not be a problem
      anymore at all. Scotts a good guy.

      - Sandman is unhappy because WCW isn't giving him proper respect. But he
      has to earn his respect. He can do crazy shit over there, so he has to
      earn his way to the top.

      - The Blue Meanie debuted in the WWF on SNH. He is a member of the JOB
      SQUAD. Also look for SUPER NOVA to follow the footsteps and join the
      same JOB SQUAD! Vince wanted Richards wto join the squad too... But
      Heyman said he didnt like the idea. No Richards in the WWF... yet.

      - HHH returned to action in the WWF Thursday at a house show beating Al

      - WWF is considering same sex partnerships for Brian Christoper and
      Scott Taylor. Now they are also considering his for Marlena and Jacky.

      - Mark Curtis was honored at the WCW house show Sunday. Referee of the
      year and PWI man of the Year. Curtis was presented a replica of the WCW
      World title by Ric Flair. You are the Man Curtis!

      - Jericho and Guerro said Curtis didn't deserve the awards. They said he
      should pay to watch them.

      - Curtis signaled a win for the Horsemen at the show and he took of his
      shirt to reveal a 4 Horsemen TSHIRT.


      By Joe De Leon

      • Mike Tenay had the night off due to laryngitis. The commentators
      discussed Hollywood Hulk Hogan's retirement, and announced Goldberg and
      Kevin Nash would be in the ring later in the night to sign a contract
      for their upcoming Heavyweight Title match at Starrcade.

      • NWO-Hollywood members arrived in their limousines. Members were Scott
      Steiner, The Giant, NWO referee, Stevie Ray, Horace, Brian Adams, and
      Eric Bichoff. All made their ways down to the ring for an interview.

      • Scott Steiner Interview.
      - Eric Bischoff announced Scott Steiner as the new NWO-Hollywood leader,
      thanks to Hollywood Hogan. Steiner wanted everyone to show their
      blessings for Hogan. Steiner said that Hogan was the biggest muscle guy
      ever and the greatest guy in professional wrestling. He said there was
      no doubt that Hogan made him leader because of the size of his body.
      According to Hogan's orders, NWO-Hollywood's first order of buisness was
      to take out Scott Hall. Steiner said he and Horace would team up to take
      on Hall and a partner of Hall's choice.

      • Konnan defeated Chris Jericho with a Face Buster, to become the new
      Television Champion.
      - Ralphus walked Chris Jericho down to the ring and then headed back to
      the locker room. Jericho and Konnan wrestled an excellent match. After
      Konnan got out of the Lion Tamer, Jericho thought he had won the match.
      Konnan grabbed the Television Belt Jericho was holding on to, and
      face-bustered Jericho into the belt. Konnan secured the pin, to become
      the new Television Champion. Wolfpac members, Kevin Nash and Lex Luger,
      made their ways out to congratulate Konnan. WCW aired Konnan's music
      video to celebrate.

      • Ric Flair Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
      - Ric Flair mentioned many superstars that made what Eric Bischoff is
      today. He said he was disappointed and upset at Barry Windham, saying he
      had no responsibilty and was an asshole. He challenged Bischoff to a

      • Scott Hall Interview.
      - Scott Hall made his way out with no music. Hall accepted
      NWO-Hollywood's match, but said he would rather do a one-on-one match,
      since he's use to doing everything on his own. Kevin Nash appeared by
      the entrance-way. Nash announced he would be Hall's tag team partner.

      • The Armstrong Brothers (Scott and Steve) defeated Kanyon and Raven via
      - Raven sat in the corner. Kanyon tried to convince Raven to wrestle the
      match, and leave the problems behind him. Raven got on the mic and
      continued to talk about the problems he had with his mother. Kanyon
      teased Raven. As Kanyon wrestled the match, Raven walked out on him.
      Kanyon hit the Flatliner, but was distracted by Raven's departure, which
      let Steve Armstrong roll up Kanyon for the pinfall.

      • Bret Hart Interview - (Conducted by Gene Okerlund).
      - Bret Hart said he was attacked by several people. He claimed Dean
      Malenko ruptured his groin. He said he had doctors and trainers
      backstage that could prove he was in no condition to wrestle his United
      States Title match with Diamond Dallas Page later in the show, due to a
      groin injury. DDP made his way into the ring from the crowd. DDP
      provoked Hart, saying he was a damn liar. Hart said he would only
      wrestle DDP for the U.S. Title if it was a No Disqualification match.
      DDP accepted.

      • Kidman defeated Eddie Guerrero with the Shooting Star Press, to retain
      the Cruiserweight title.
      - As the match went on, the referee was accidently knocked out. Juventud
      Guerrera attempted to mess up Kidman's Shooting Star Press, but was
      knocked out of the ring instead. Rey Mysterio, Jr. made his way down and
      drop-kicked Eddie Guerrero from behind, which let Kidman finish off the
      match with the Shooting Star Press. Other NWO members made their ways
      down, and ran off Kidman and Mysterio to the locker room.

      • Bam Bam Bigelow made his appearance and sat in his own seat. He said
      he bought his own ticket.

      • Eric Bischoff Interview (w/Barry Windham).
      - Eric Bischoff called out Dean Malenko, who was with all other Four
      Horsemen members, except Ric Flair. Malenko respectively asked his
      friends to return to the locker room. Bischoff said he was impressed and
      Malenko supposedly had his respect. Bischoff said Malenko would give
      Flair his opportunity to wrestle him (Bischoff), if Malenko was to beat
      Windham later in the show. Malenko accepted. Bischoff introduced Dusty
      Rhodes to the ring, who would referee the Malenko vs. Windham match.
      Rhodes claimed he would call the match fairly.

      • Wrath defeated Bobby Blaze with the Meltdown in less than 30 seconds.

      • Bam Bam Bigelow was once again shown in the crowd. He said there was
      nothing WCW could do about him, because he bought a ticket. He then
      started to taunt Goldberg.

      • Ernest Miller Interview.
      - Ernest Miller insulted the crowd and challenged anyone to come in the
      ring and fight him. Saturn appeared and made his way into the ring.
      Miller walked out of the ring and made up an excuse. Saturn provoked
      Miller, and Miller immediately made his way back into the ring. Miller
      said if Saturn could beat Sonny Onoo, Saturn would get his match with
      him. Onoo didn't want to do it, but Miller whispered something to Onoo
      to convince him.

      • Sonny Onoo defeated Saturn.
      - Saturn had the win at first with an awesome Death Valley Driver, but
      Miller pulled the referee out of the ring. Glacier ran in, and clocked
      Saturn with a kick. Onoo was placed on top of Saturn for the pin, but
      Saturn amazingly kicked out. Saturn finished off Onoo with the Death
      Valley Driver, but the referee spotted a chain in Saturn's hand that was
      actually thrown into Onoo by Miller earlier in the match, and reversed
      the decision.

      • Goldberg arrived in his limousine, and made his way down to the ring.
      Gene Okerlund and Terry Taylor stood in the ring for the contract
      signing. Bam Bam Bigelow was shown in the crowd, saying he should of
      been the one signing the contract. Kevin Nash was introduced, who came
      along with fellow Wolfpac members, Lex Luger and Konnan. Nash and
      Goldberg looked straight at each other. Nash signed the contract, which
      set the Heavyweight Title match between he and Goldberg at Starrcade and
      also the clause that Goldberg could not defend the title until
      Starrcade. Goldberg then signed the contract and it was official.
      Bigelow tried to intefere, but was thrown out of the arena by several
      security officials.

      • Booker T. defeated Mike Enos with a Sidewalk Slam.
      - Booker T. dominated Mike Enos and finished him off with a Sidewalk

      • Outside of the arena, Bam Bam Bigelow stood on grass, with a ton of
      fans near him. He wanted Goldberg to come outside.

      • Lex Luger defeated Brian Adams (w/Vincent) by making him submit to the
      Torture Rack.
      - The referee was accidently knocked out. Vincent brought in a chair,
      but was knocked out by Lex luger. Brian Adams used the chair as a
      weapon, and piledrove Luger onto a chair, but Luger amazingly kicked out
      of the pin. As the match went on, Luger caused Adams to ram into the
      steel chair Vincent was holding on top of the apron. Luger then strapped
      Adams in the Torture Rack, to take the win.

      • Dean Malenko defeated Barry Windham, with Dusty Rhodes as the Guest
      - As expected, Dusty Rhodes was a sneaky, unfair referee. Rhodes
      continued to encourage Barry Windam. Out of no where, Rhodes called for
      the bell, and declared Dean Malenko the winner. Eric Bischoff made his
      way down, and told Rhodes he was fired. Rhodes didn't care, as the crowd
      chanted "Dusty!" Windham went after Rhodes, but all Four Horsemen
      members made the save. Ric Flair went after Bischoff, but Bischoff was
      saved by NWO-Hollywood members. The match of Flair vs. Bischoff was set
      for a future date.

      • Kevin Nash and Scott Hall defeated Scott Steiner and Horace with
      Hall's Outsider Edge.
      - Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had a bit of friction. The NWO Referee did
      the officiating, and was totally unfair. During the match, Tony
      Schiavone announced, according to the WCW Legal Counsel, that Eric
      Bischoff vs. Ric Flair would take place at Starrcade. NWO-Hollywood kept
      Hall inside of the ring the majority time. After an exhausted Hall
      tagged in Nash, Nash dominated everyone. Hall nailed Horace with the
      Outsider Edge. The NWO Referee would not make the pin, though, so Nash
      Jack-Knife Powerbombed him. Another referee made his way down to make
      the pin, for Nash and Hall to take the win. Nash immediately walked
      away, and wasn't in the ring to have his hand raised at all.

      • Bam Bam Bigelow continued to wait on the outside of the arena. When
      returning from a commercial break, Goldberg ran outside. Bigelow and
      Goldberg brawled everywhere. Security officials put the two to a stop.
      Bigelow said he had Goldberg right where he wanted him. Goldberg and
      Bigelow continued to go at it, as WCW went to yet another commercial

      • No Disqualification Match: Bret Hart defeated Diamond Dallas Page with
      the Sharpshooter, to become the new United States Champion.
      - Bret Hart wrestled in a T-Shirt, jean shorts, and shoes. As the match
      went on, The Giant made his way down and totally destroyed Diamond
      Dallas Page with several Chokeslams. Hart strapped an unconcious DDP in
      the Sharpshooter. DDP didn't even submit, but the referee called the
      match anyway since DDP blacked out.


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