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  • Colin Vassallo
    Dec 1, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Not much stuff going around. I feel sooooo damn sick that it feels like
      being hit by a Boeing 747...you know your whole body aches like crazy.
      Yeah, like that.

      If you're going to RAW tonight, please drop us some notes from the show.

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      - There are no matches lined up for tonight's RAW broadcast however the
      preview over at WWE.COM suggests that we will find out if Y2J Chris
      Jericho actually 'scored' - or in American Pie terminology, boned -
      Trish Stratus. Stratus promised something for Chris if he was good to
      HBK last week but Jericho ended up super kicking his partner. Also the
      preview lists what will Randy Orton do next after 'killing' the legend
      Sgt Slaughter. RAW is on SpikeTV tonight at 9PM EST.

      - Variety is reporting that Mick Foley is working on a TV series hoping
      to get picked up by CBS, a project sponsored by WWE Films based in Los
      Angeles, CA. 'The Dead Zone' writer Teddy Tennenbaum is helping out with
      the plot, in which Foley will play a ruthless detective in the Tampa
      Police chasing down just as much ruthless people. Foley hopes that if
      the series is picked up by CBS he will do all his stunts. WWE are
      currently in an agreement with CBS over almost all their TV shows. The
      whole Variety story is at

      - For the week ending December 6th, only two WWE videos made it on the
      Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports chart. These are 'Bloodbath -
      Wrestling's Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches' and 'Unforgiven 2003',
      second, and eighth in the chart respectively. The new chart released on
      Thursday should have Flair's DVD on top of the list. The two mentioned
      videos can be purchased from WrestlingMegastore.com

      > STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 11.46, a 0.52% decrease over the previous
      closing. The day's range was 11.45 - 11.84.


      >> KNIVES OUT
      By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]

      A few months ago, I was told by a reader (presumably one who wasn't
      happy with what I'd written), that my columns were to this newsletter
      like a d**do was to a man. so, for all of you Wrestling-Online
      Newsletter readers, enjoy your night off!

      Just a quick column this time, with some random thoughts and updates on
      a load of things.

      - First up - the Wrestling Channel in the UK: according to one of the
      Ring of Honour message boards, the channel looks to be launching on
      April 4th. The channel will be broadcast 24 hours a day, in two "blocks"
      - i.e. shows on from 9am til 9pm, with repeats 12 hours later.

      It will be a free-to-air channel on Sky Digital, but it is not yet
      confirmed for NTL and Telewest customers. If you've just got a
      Freeview/old ITV Digital box, sorry, you won't be getting the channel.

      Test transmissions are due to start this coming Monday (December 1st) on
      the Friendly TV channel on Sky Digital. That's Sky channel number 268 -
      and this is what you'll see in the tests in December.

      Monday December 1st: Frontiers of Honor (FWA/ROH joint event) [7am,
      repeated at 7pm]

      December 2nd: "Mat Mayhem" - presented by Gene Okerlund, this is
      old-time wrestling, featuring the Road Warriors, Jerry "The King"
      Lawler, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "Ravishing" Rick Rude and many more.

      December 3rd: Pro Wrestling NOAH [7am/7pm]

      December 4th: Irish Whip Wrestling - from Ireland, this IWW show
      features a TLC match, as well as an appearance from Jake "The Snake"
      Roberts [7am/7pm]

      December 5th: Frontiers of Honor - part one [7am/7pm]

      December 6th: "Mat Mayhem" [9am/6pm - 2hrs]

      December 7th: Pro Wrestling NOAH [9am/6pm - 2hrs]

      Monday December 8th: "Classic Wrestling" - The Early Years, featuring
      Ric Flair, Harley Race, Kamala, Dusty Rhodes and more [7am/7pm]

      December 9th: Ring Of Honor [7am/7pm]

      December 10th: Frontiers of Honor - part two [7am/7pm]

      December 11th: "Classic Wrestling: Ringside Retribution" - footage from
      Florida Championship Wrestling, from the 1970s [7am/7pm]

      December 12th: Combat Zone Wrestling [7am/7pm]

      December 13th: "Classic Wrestling" [9am/6pm - 2hrs]

      December 14th: "Classic Wrestling" (Florida Championship Wrestling)
      [9am/6pm - 2hrs]

      December 15th: Irish Whip Wrestling [7am/7pm]

      December 16th: Pro Wrestling NOAH [7am/7pm]

      December 17th: Frontier Wrestling Association [7am/7pm]

      December 18th: Frontier Wrestling Association [7am/7pm]

      December 19th: "Classic Wrestling" (presented by Gene Okerlund)

      December 20th: Irish Whip Wrestling [9am/6pm - 2hrs]

      December 21st: Pro Wrestling NOAH [9am/6pm - 2hrs]

      December 22nd: CZW [7am/7pm]

      December 23rd: "Classic Wrestling" [7am/7pm]

      December 24th: ROH [7am/7pm]

      December 25th: NOAH [7am/7pm]

      December 26th: "Classic Wrestling" (presented by Gene Okerlund)

      December 27th: "Classic Wrestling" (The Early Years) [9am/6pm - 2hrs]

      December 28th: FWA [9am/6pm - 2hrs]

      [Note: check http://www.thewrestlingchannel.tv/timetable.html as the
      timetable is expected to change]

      And the loop continues. the rule seems to be, weekdays check 7am and 7pm
      for an hour, and at weekends, keep it locked on Sky 268 for two hours at
      9am and 6pm.

      The full list of promotions involved now appears to be: CZW (all shows),
      NWA:TNA (PPVs and Xplosion), NWA:Wildside (TV), USWA (TV), ROH (every
      show, one a week, starting from the beginning), FWA (TV and clip shows),
      plus a collection of RF shoot videos. All I can say is roll on April

      - I'm sure I wasn't the only one whose heart was in his mouth when the
      news of Kurt Angle needing neck surgery broke. How ironic, that the
      company has banned moves which (if performed correctly) are safe, yet
      their top guy picked up a needless injury because of a chair shot?

      - Wrapping up this (very short) column with my Survivor Series thoughts:
      after advertising as late as Velocity on Saturday (Sunday in the UK)
      night that it was going to be on the PPV, moving Jamie Noble vs Tajiri
      to Heat was a really dodgy decision. At the very least, the WWE could
      have put a 30-second highlight pack up for anyone who, you know, had
      bought the PPV to watch that match?

      Either he isn't ready, or the WWE have zero confidence in Bob Holly. Of
      course, they could be stretching out the Lesnar/Holly angle, but why DQ
      a guy before the match even starts? The debut of Matt Morgan and the
      return of Nathan Jones to PPV was pretty dull, with neither guy showing
      much that'll help them stand out beyond their generic "big man" gimmick.
      Creative: give these guys a character!

      Lita vs Molly was half decent, but you kinda knew that Lita wasn't going
      to win when Jerry Lawler started repeating "fairytale endings don't
      happen in the WWE" every 30 seconds. the Ambulance match was, erm,
      different, but a few contrived spots kinda ruined the atmosphere (like
      the Van Terminator onto a cardboard box?)

      Why was Mark Cuban even on the PPV? They moved Noble/Tajiri for him? And
      it' s not like the WWE got any positive publicity out of having some NBA
      franchise owner being squashed, is it?

      Los Guerreros/Bashams was a late addition to the card, and it showed.
      Just split up Los Guerreros already - this is dragging out more than the
      Edge & Christian split did a few years back.

      The Raw Survivor Series match made the show for me. Running in at almost
      half an hour, we had one hell of a build up, one heck of an ending, and
      probably the best storyline on the card all rolled into one bout. It's
      just a shame that the whole "Austin's gone" thing was ruined by the
      return speech and beating up the security guards schtick - which is
      pretty much telegraphing that Austin'll be back in a few months.

      Buried Alive was gruesome, and I'm not sure that a guy in his 50s with a
      gaping wound on his head should have been rolling around in dirt, but
      what are you gonna do? The ending was predictable (a run in to help
      Vince win), setting up Kane vs Taker at WrestleMania 20. I don't know
      whether to cry tears of joy or sorrow at that one.

      Finally: Triple H back in a main event slot. Losing to Bill Goldberg
      again. I can see why the WWE's trying to build up Bill as a world
      champion, but this is too little too late, after the burials he's
      suffered since making his WWE debut in April this year. Still, they've
      got to try - and the only question left now is, will a belt be dropped
      before Lesnar/Goldberg at 'Mania?

      I'll be back in a week or so, hopefully with a more focused column.
      Until then - enjoy your night off guys!


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