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182[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #219

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  • Colin Vassallo
    Nov 1, 1998
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      | Sunday, November 1st, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 2 1 9
      | *Issue #219* |
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      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Well, there they are, finally, 7,000 subscribers!

      ECW pay-per-view tonight, unfortunatley, we aren't covering it, maybe we
      will start covering ECW in the future, but that remains to be seen.

      See ya tomorrow!


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      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - 2 subscribers mailed me yesterday regarding the "fat ass" that was in
      Tampa at the WWF house show...

      From Sean-29: "In regards to "fat ass" at the Tampa houseshow, he is
      Tampa morning shock jock "Bubba the Love Sponge", real name Todd Klemm.
      He and Brisco have been fighting on the radio the last few weeks. He
      also did some stuff with NWO in Tampa"

      From Justin: "Just to let all your readers know: the "fat ass" that Tom
      Hoffman spoke of during his summary of the WWF's house show in Tampa, FL
      on 10/30 was local radio personality Bubba The Luv Sponge. Bubba is a
      huge wrestling fan, and has also done spots and wrestled for WCW. A feud
      between him and Jerry Brisco had been building up on his local morning
      radio show, and came to a climax at the event. Sadly, Bubba has no plans
      of ever becoming a full-time pro wrestler. You can visit him on his
      official home page: http://www.btls.com or the home page for the radio
      station he works for: http://www.98rock.com"

      - WWF RAW officially starts *LIVE* every week in prime time at 9 pm EST
      on TSN
      starting this Monday. WWF and TSN reached an agreement this past summer
      to show RAW until 2003. The original plan was to have RAW on in
      primetime(9pm EST) starting in October, but due to MLB they pushed it
      back to November. (Shujah Agha)

      - Tonight it's a special 2 hour broadcast of Sunday Night Heat, Live
      from Texas, with Dr Death Steve Williams returning, Steven Regal making
      his re-debut after his injury and a possible appearance from Shawn
      Michaels. Heat starts at 7:00PM EST on USA Network.


      By Chris Ciolfitto
      E-mail: Chris316@...

      Commentators: Michael Cole, Tom Pritchard and Gorilla Monsoon

      MATCH 1: LOD 2000 vs. The Hardy Boyz (Shotgun Saturday Night)
      WINNERS: LOD 2000

      (Slam Jam with "Handsome" Dok Hendrix)

      MATCH 2: WWF European Title Match (RAW is WAR)
      X-Pac vs. Steve Blackman
      WINNER: X-Pac (DQ)

      (They recap the Chyna/Mark Henry angle)

      MATCH 3: Mark Henry vs. Scott Zappa (Shotgun Saturday Night)
      WINNER: Mark Henry

      (They recap the Jeff Jarrett/Debra McMichael partnership)

      MATCH 4: Jeff Jarrett vs. Golga (Sunday Night Heat
      WINNER: Jeff Jarrett

      (They recap the Sable/Jacquelyn angle)
      (Slam Jam with "Handsome" Dok Hendrix)
      (They recap the Austin/McMahon angle)

      MATCH 5: I Quit Match (RAW is WAR)
      Steve Austin vs. Ken Shamrock
      WINNER: Steve Austin

      (They recap the Val Venis/Dustin Runnels angle)

      MATCH 6: Val Venis vs. Bob Holly (Shotgun Saturday Night)
      WINNER: Val Venis

      Chris's Weekly Superstars Rating: *** out of *****

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      \ \/ // /| | \ \/ // / WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
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      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Thanks to "cdmartin" for this: "The other hidden wrestlers in WCW
      Revenge are: Roddy Piper (WCW World Champ) Kanyon (WCW TV Champ) and

      - According to Dave Meltzer, the deal between WCW and EMLL will consist
      of a feud between the two promotions at Arena Mexico, most likely with
      Sonny Onoo as the lead
      heel manager for the WCW team of Mexicans led by Konanan and La Parka.
      La Parka, Rey Mysterio, Jr., and Psychosis should all be making their
      first appearances at Arena
      Mexico, which will make buisness huge. Part of the deal as well is that
      WCW is paying Paco Alonso (head of EMLL) to oversee its talent in
      Mexico, says Meltzer. (RWIN)

      - The Flying Scotsman conducted an interview with Dana Hall, here's the

      If you're wondering, she was insulted by many of the questions. Dana
      also wants you to
      stop questioning this, and go and help her save the man. And the only
      reason she answered the questions is because she wants to try and
      explain/defend herself once again to those who seem too ignorant to
      understand or are under the impression that are using drugs, and
      exploitation are acceptable thing.

      SCOTSMAN: Why are you doing this to Scott? Don't you feel hes gone
      through enough,
      without this? Hes tried rehab, shouldn't we let this blow over, instead
      of publicizing it?

      DANA: I am not doing this to Scott, he is hurting himself by abusing
      drugs and alcohol, and refusing help or to acknowledge this at all. I
      am trying to get the man to save his life ,for this I will not
      apologize. Yes, he has tried rehab but for the wrong reasons, I was
      hoping to get him to once try it for the right reasons, by letting him
      know that I care, I guess you think we should just stand by and let this
      happen and let WCW use him -let this blow over?That is exactly what they
      would like, and whether or not Scott believes he needs help or not, I
      know him better than he knows himself and believe me he needs and wants
      help, he is lost, sick and confused- don't let the attitude, the ego,
      and the self-confidence fool you, that is what addicts do best- it is
      called DENIAL. Get some education about addictions before you ask such
      ridiculous questions.

      SCOTSMAN: Why go to the internet?

      DANA: I went to the internet because I thought the fans would care and
      want to help him , and that this would be the only way to be heard. I
      tried to talk to Mr. B., but was ignored, he left me no choice, Scott
      and I have a wall up between us because of years of this, and I needed a
      way to get thru. The fans are the only one who can help change things,
      by not watching, not going to the show, and not buying the merchandise,
      until something is done. The fans have the power and the internet was
      the most powerful way to reach all of you.

      SCOTSMAN: Is Eric Bischoff, or anyone from WCW paying you to do this, as
      part of an

      DANA: NO. I really wish this was an angle, but it is not, it is the very
      sad and tragic truth, I wish you could all believe and quit questioning
      and just help. Time is wasting.

      SCOTSMAN: Why are you throwing around private photos of Scott, with the
      children? What is this meant to prove?

      DANA: I did apologize for the photos, it was done out of impulse and
      desperation to get people to believe this was true, to get Scott and
      others to see just what he had lost in the span of 1 year, and what he
      was throwing away for wrestling and addictions. He had not seen his kids
      in about 3-4 mos. until just 2 days ago. I wanted to get his attention,
      not anger or hurt him, he has done a very good job of doing that to
      himself and needs no help in that department, although he seems to be
      getting plenty from WCW.

      SCOTSMAN: Have you spoken to Scott, since you went to the internet with
      all this? Any
      idea how he feels?

      DANA: I have spoken to Scott on his birthday, Oct. 20th, briefly, we
      made an connection. We have spoken briefly on phone calls late at nite
      when he calls drunk and upset, and also on an occasion when I paged him,
      he was also too drunk and pilled up to talk. We hav also had to meetings
      with the kids, this weekend, and things did not go well. Scott is very
      sick and very confused about all of this, and is still in denial and
      afraid . I am trying my best to reach out to him , but he needs to make
      the steps. He states that he wants to but, his actions have proven
      different, he needs help. WCW is not giving him that help or ever will,
      they will only feed his ego and denial and make this worse until he
      self-destructs out of desperation and despair.

      SCOTSMAN: Don't you think this would possibly encourage him to the
      alcohol? Shouldn't
      you be there for Scott, instead of lambasting about how WCW aren't
      treating him right?

      DANA: Sorry, missed this one. I am trying to be there for Scott, I would
      like nothing better than to put the past in the past and try to start
      over, but Scott has to help too. He says he wants that but won't make
      the steps yet for that to be possible. I stayed by him for 10 years and
      have watched this destroy him and our marriage, I did not divorce him
      because I did not love him , but of course, in his state of mind this is
      what he thinks.. I have been trying can't you see to reach him and get
      him out of this situation, that is what I am trying to do here, ask for
      help. Why does anyone not get this???

      SCOTSMAN: Just out of curiousity..when Scott comes on TV(on WCW Nitro
      etc) do you watch? Or turn the TV off? Or do you not watch the

      DANA: I don't watch , it makes me sick inside to watch. I hear from
      others who tell me , they should not be watching also.

      SCOTSMAN: I've heard some people on the internet..to be blunt, call you
      a 'heartless
      bitch' amongst other things, and wish that you would just leave Scott
      Hall alone. How do
      you feel about this?

      DANA: If I leave Scott Hall alone he will die, and I cannot accept that.
      He has not told me to leave him alone, I love him more than he loves
      himself , and I am the only person who truly cares for him and the
      children and I need him to be well. I am committed to this, I again will
      not apologize for loving him ,sick or not, and wanting him to be well,
      this is heartless??

      SCOTSMAN: In the WWF, they had a wrestler(Hawk) portay as if he was an
      alcoholic. How do you feel about this?

      DANA: From what I understand , Hawk did not only portray an alcoholic,
      it was the truth also, that is his life, and obviously people in his
      life did not care enough to allow this to happen for whatever reason. I
      feel sorry for his pain, but my problem is with Scott and the WCW for
      doing this, not WWF , if they have in fact done this, then they are also
      wrong in condoning and exploiting this very serious disease.

      SCOTSMAN: Did Scott ever get abusive with you, when he was drunk/high?

      DANA: Scott has been mostly just verbally abusive with me, but has on
      occasion been rough. He is not a nice person , as most aren't , when he
      drinks, he is a stranger. I would love to find the real Scott Hall, I
      know he is in there somewhere under all the pain, denial, ego, and being
      exposed to all this corruption is not helping to humble him so he can
      find GOD and ask for help but only feeding this and allowing it to grow
      and inevitably help him destroy himself.


      4 COLUMNS

      By Chris Ciolfitto
      E-mail: Chris316@...

      "Exposed: The Secrets Of Pro-Wrestling"

      What exactly does NBC think they are exposing? That wrestling is fake?
      That wresting 99.9% scripted? That the wrestlers don't actually hit
      other in the ring (for the most part)?

      When is the general public gooing to realize that we know it's fake,
      scripted and that the guys aren't hitting each other? Sure, the mark
      outnumbers the smart crowd by about 3 to 1. But still, come on...most
      marks won't watch this show. The ones that do will probably gain a
      apprieciation for how hard it actually is to be a pro-wrestler.

      At school, I am amazed at the fact that in this day and age of wrestling
      popularity, I still get people coming up to me at school going
      is fake". Then again, I go to Port Moody Secondary School, so people
      aren't that bright in the first place. Anyways, the look of shock on
      faces when I tell that I know it's fake is amazing. Then I tell them to
      the extent of how much it's fake and they're just flabbergasted. It's
      gratifying :)

      So, in short NBC, don't tell us what we already know. Why can't they do
      Sable Exposed show or something? :)

      See ya later.

      That's my story and I'm stickin with it.


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