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  • Colin Vassallo
    Aug 31, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey folks. If you're going to any of the live events tonight, please
      drops us some notes with the results and other useful information.

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      - Former WWE heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar made it to the number one
      spot on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 list. Three other WWE
      superstars are also in the top 5, with Triple H in second place, Kurt
      Angle in third and Chris Jericho in fifth. The PWI 500 is published
      every year in a special issue.

      - The main event for the Memphis, TN., live event yesterday saw HBK and
      Jerry Lawler team up against Ric Flair and Triple H. The
      much-less-than-half full crowd at The Pyramid saw local hero Jerry 'The
      King' Lawler pin the World Heavyweight champion Triple H to get the
      victory for his team. Give credit where credit is due...at least HHH put
      over 'The King' in his hometown!

      - In this week's search engine rankings, WWE is in the 25th position in
      the Lycos Top 50 chart, up five places from last week's 30th position.
      This is the 210th week on the list. On the Yahoo! Buzz Index, WWE is in
      the 13th place, up four places from last week's 17th position. This is
      the 127th week on the list. Also on Yahoo!, an index released for
      searches for males aged 25-29, WWE came in the 10th position, same for
      the age group 30-34.

      - WWE.COM has two interviews up with Eddie and Chavo Guerrero. On
      Tuesday during the Smackdown! tapings in El Paso, TX., the crowd gave
      Eddie one heck of a standing ovation, which made it to one of
      Smackdown's! best moments ever. WWE.COM interviewed Eddie after the show
      to get his reaction. You can read it at
      http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1234999 . Also the website crew
      interviewed Eddie's nephew Chavo, who's ready for in-ring action after
      being sidelined for a couple of months. You can read Chavo's interview
      at http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1235073.


      >> KNIVES OUT
      By Ian Hamilton, [ian.hamilton@...]

      Hope you enjoyed SummerSlam - proof, if there ever was one, that the
      ending to a card can affect the audience's perception of a show. The WWE
      have really booked themselves into a dead-end with the HHH/Goldberg
      angle - I mean, they can't "fire" and retire Goldberg halfway through a
      one-year deal. Not if they have any plans to use him again at some point
      down the road.

      One of the biggest complaints I had about my WWE roster reviews was that
      I am just an internet mark, whose ramblings are predictable. Others
      asked me to "see if you can do better". So, for the benefit of those who
      wanted to see how I'd fare as a booker, prepare to return to what
      wrestling should be.

      I'll open the first of this two-part series with a look at the Raw half
      of the booking. For both of these articles, I'm going to take SummerSlam
      2003 as my base point, ignoring anything that's happened on TV after
      said PPV.

      Working from the main event here, the WWE has given themselves no other
      option with their top feud. With the ending to the Elimination Chamber
      (Goldberg wiping out four other guys, then being beaten by the
      sledgehammer), Goldberg vs HHH was the only thing they could have done,
      the career vs title stipulation is supposed to make the match more
      appetising. I know HHH has done this before (remember the times he was
      supposed to drop the belt at Bad Blood, then at SummerSlam?), but this
      has telegraphed the result to the fans. Let's hope they can build up
      Goldberg as a major player and a credible title holder.

      Another loose end from the Elimination Chamber was Kevin Nash. He's gone
      off to do some filming (hence his haircut), and so he'll probably be off
      screen for a while. I know it's only a minor detail, but if Nash was
      going to attack everyone else in the match after he was eliminated, why
      not take it one step further, then have Austin (or Bischoff) suspend
      Nash for an unspecified period of time (while he's away)? At least it
      won't leave people wondering "where's Nash?".

      The Intercontinental title is supposed to be the Raw brand's secondary
      title, yet it wasn't even defended at SummerSlam. Heck, instead, we saw
      the champion told he wasn't good enough to be considered "back up" for
      Eric Bischoff, and was behind Jonathan f'n Coachman in the pecking
      order. Now, Christian teased an "unhappy with the management" angle with
      Bischoff and Austin - how about they have Christian as a "tweener", and
      have him defend the belt every week against some midcarders whom a GM
      appoints? For example, one week, Austin could tell Christian to defend
      against Chris Jericho, and the next, we have Christian versus, say, Val
      Venis. Naturally, Christian would rack up a few wins, and have him
      solidified as the IC champion, building up to a Booker T vs Christian
      feud (again), and a blow-off at Survivor Series.

      Next up on the titles list is the tag team title. At the moment, we're
      halfway through a Dudley Boyz vs La Resistance feud, which will probably
      end in the Dudleyz winning their 17th tag title. I mean, the way this
      has been booked (Patriotic Americans vs Evil Frenchmen), gives the WWE
      little choice but to have the Dudleyz winning the blow-off (and hence,
      the titles). Unfortunately, this angle seems to be dying on it's ass,
      with patriotism the only reaction being garnered. At the same time, the
      WWE is trying to build up several new face duos, in the form of Lance
      Storm and Goldust, as well as Hurricane and Rosey.

      Proposal: Wheel out a GM to give the Dudleyz one last chance to win the
      tag titles. Then, have Rosey (who's become a bumbling S.H.I.T.)
      interfere said match on Raw. La Resistance then mock Rosey for being a
      useless oaf, setting up the Super Heroes vs La Resistance. Hey, it can't
      be as bad, wrestling-wise, as the current tag feud. Meanwhile, turn the
      Dudleyz who get p*ssed with the way their patriotism was rewarded, and
      have them go against Storm and Goldust.

      The final title to decide is the women's title, which the WWE didn't use
      on the PPV. So far, they're teasing a tri-angle, with Molly against
      Trish and Gail Kim, with Gail Kim having phantom turns each week. The
      only problem is, that's locked all three women in the feud, with no room
      for the other women on the roster (such as Ivory, Victoria and the
      injured Jazz). With the WWE unwilling to spend more than five minutes a
      week building up the divas, we have a problem - so we'd have to play out
      this tri-angle before we move onto anything else. Solution - Molly
      retains the women's title at Unforgiven, after liberal interference from
      Victoria. Turn Molly again, maybe into something resembling her original
      character, and have that feud set off for Survivor Series.

      So far, we've got five angles here, worth around 15 minutes of TV time
      each week - giving us 1:15 of each Raw sorted. Take away the ad breaks,
      and we have just 15 minutes left - which means that we'd have to make
      greater use of the B-shows to get new storylines over. Hey - the WWE has
      a three hour Raw-only PPV coming up, and you can't fill it with an
      extended Raw all the time!

      So, what can you do? Well, I'd have Bischoff come out and declare Stevie
      Richards the GM of Heat (putting that proposed angle down in concrete),
      before the pair "agree" to a shared talent list. That move would give
      Raw effectively three hours of TV a week (not including the recaps,
      which I'd prefer to see less of. After all, recapping all of Raw on Heat
      means that there's no reason to watch Raw, especially if it's going to
      be shown again later in highlight form) - and would also allow bookers
      to try out new angles before they make the grade to Raw.

      Now, we use the remaining workers. Notice, I've not mentioned Kane here.
      The WWE hasn't really given him a solid angle, bar his flirtation with
      Shane McMahon. Keep the Kane/Shane feud going until Unforgiven, then
      have Kane attack Goldberg on the post-PPV Raw, setting up Kane/Goldberg
      for Survivor Series - giving them two months to build up Kane as a real
      monster, yet keeping the aura around Goldberg.

      Notice here, I've not mentioned a fair few names. We've got the likes of
      Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak, Randy Orton, Maven, Scott Steiner, Test,
      Val Venis, Rico, Tommy Dreamer, Rodney Mack and Mark Henry used up. On
      Heat, we could use the likes of Cade & Jindrak against Henry & Mack as a
      permanent storyline (hopefully with the youngsters getting some offence
      in), whilst Randy Orton tries to kill off another legend, this time in
      the form of ECW mainstay Tommy Dreamer.

      Which leaves us with Scott Steiner, Maven, Test and Rico. Unfortunately,
      there are always some people who the bookers "don't have plans for" -
      even if they do include one of the company's most popular divas. My
      predictable solution, is to send the quartet to OVW to beef up their
      small roster (which was reduced lately through call-ups), and try and
      develop some new character to be used upon their return. Heck, it might
      even show Test a new move for his arsenal.

      Next time - I try and book SmackDown through to No Mercy.


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