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  • Colin Vassallo
    Aug 2, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey hey hey. W-O Newsletter reader Ellen Gush wrote an in-depth report
      on the last Sydney WWE show from today and I included it as a column
      below the WWE news.

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      fully functional by mid this month. There are certain bugs which needs
      to be fixed and an update is being released on the 8th of this month so
      we'll see how it goes then. I'm still testing it out so when the
      transition is complete everything will run smoothly!


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      - Dave Scherer reported yesterday that Kevin Nash was taken off the
      Sydney show after he fainted in a hotel when signing autographs. Nash
      was in the hotel where the RAW crew are stationed in Sydney and the
      doctor told WWE officials that Nash better has the night off. Big Sexy
      participated in the final show today doing a run-in....or a slow-in!

      - Final autopsy results on Miss Elizabeth revealed that a fatal mix of
      pills and alcohol were the cause of death of the 42 year old Elizabeth
      Huelette, who passed away in the early hours of April 30th. A story on
      the Marietta Daily Journal reports that she had an alcohol level of
      0.29 and a mix of painkillers, nausea medication and tranquilizers in
      her system. The 0.29 level is more than three times as much the driver's
      alcohol limit in the state of Georgia. Mark Bishop, operations manager
      of the Cobb County Medical Examiner’s Office said her death has been
      ruled accidental, due to an overdose. At the time of her death, Huelette
      was in the same house with pro wrestler Lex Luger, and Luger was later
      arrested and charged with 13 felony counts of possession of a controlled
      substance and a misdemeanor count of distribution of dangerous drugs.

      - Smackdown! did a 3.4 rating with a 6.0 share, same number from last
      week which should be considered a positive. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen
      Media Research and put online by 1wrestling.com)

      - The following videos are on the Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports
      list for the week ending August 9th. 'From The Vault - Shawn Michaels'
      is in the third place, followed by 'Judgement Day 2003' in fourth.
      'Wrestlemania XIX' is in seventh, 'Backlash 2003' in eighth and 'Rey
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      By Ellen Gush

      The show starts with Stacy coming to the ring and saying how much she
      loves Australia and starts to introduce the fireworks show. Eric
      Bischoff's music hits and he struts down to the ring and proceeds to
      tell Stacy that he is sick of her trying to run the show, it's his show
      and it was about time that he fired her. With that, Goldust comes out
      and he and Eric trade blows and Goldust throws him into the corner and
      sets him up for a shot to the groin. Goldust proceeds with the shot and
      the fireworks go off. Goldust then offers Stacy a shot and that too is
      met with fireworks. Eric falls to the ground and staggers backstage and
      the full fireworks show begins.

      Rodney Mack comes to the ring to take on Goldust. Goldust wins the
      match and is cheered backstage. Rodney Mack is then sung backstage to
      "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye. There was no sign of
      Theodore Long.

      Val Venis is next to the ring, followed by Test, who gets a big "You are
      a Wanker" chant. They exchange blows and Test appears to roll over on
      his ankle. The match is stopped and Test is slumped in the corner. The
      sees to him, as do a few trainers called from backstage. There is a long
      pause in proceedings. Val is concerned, and as Test is helped from the
      ring, Val holds the ropes for Test. This is met with a big boot. They
      continue to trade blows, with Test taking the win. This is met with more
      Wanker chants.

      Next match was an intergender tag match with Spike Dudley and Trish V
      Victoria and Stevie Richards. Stevie got a few "Poofter chants" when he
      put his silly little hat on. The match ended with a double pin, with
      laying atop of Victoria and both Spike and Trish sitting on them for the
      3 count. As Victoria and Stevie made their way backstage, he was
      greeted with another poofter and Victoria tried to console him.

      Scott Steiner with Stacy V Christian was next up. Christian was met with
      a big wanker chant and tried to address his peeps. Steiner then grabbed
      the mic and proceeded to tell Christian that the only "Peep" there was a
      fat f**k in the 5th row. Steiner won the match and Christian was sent
      back to the locker room with the usual wanker chant. (There were lots
      of Wanker chants)

      Next up we had Randy Orton and Rick Flair V HBK and RVD in a Tag match.
      Both HBK and RVD got a great response from the crowd. The match flowed
      in normal fashion, but took a turn when HBK tried to stop Flair by
      grabbing his pants, pulling his pants half way down. Flair got loose and
      went to the top rope with his pants still down, giving the crowd and
      eyefull. He was caught from his leap and rolled up for a pin, still
      with his pants half down. HBK and RVD eventually won the match after
      Kevin Nash came to the ring and interferred.

      Hurricane took on Kane in a singles match. Kane won the match after a

      Y2J with Christian V Booker T for the Intercontinental Title was next.
      Y2J and Christian made their way to the ring first and were met with the
      BIGGEST wanker chant on the night. Y2J proceeded to tell the crowd that
      he didn't know what a wanker was and that he thought it was a good thing
      and that he was happy that both he and Christian were Wankers. They also
      proceeded to insult the crowd by calling them convicts and so on.
      Booker T came out to a big response and got on the mic and told Y2J and
      Christian his definition of a wanker, much to their disgust and the
      crowds delight. Christian interferred several times and at one point got
      the IC Title, Y2J lined Booker T up for the clash, but Booker T
      countered and Y2J ended up copping the title to the head and cleaning up
      Christian in the process. Booker T ended the match with the Book End and
      retained his title.

      The final match of the night was a Non Title Tables match with La
      Resistance V the Dudleys. The Dudleys really played up to the crowd in
      this match by producing a duffle bag from underneath the ring. They
      pulled things out of the bag one by one, each item was Australian. D'von
      low blowed one member of La Resistance with a boomarang, while Buh Buh
      juggled some oranges and passed a football around. The table was
      eventually brought into the ring and after a few near misses for La
      Resistance, the Dudleys gained the advantage and 3D'd one member into
      the table for the win. The Dudleys stayed in the ring and celebrated
      for a while and even picked a boy from the crowd, got him in the ring
      and gave him a piece of the shattered table.

      So there you have it. This show set a new Box Office record for the
      Sydney Superdome and had a crowd of 17,112. In my opinion I thought the
      show was missing some really big star power without Stone Cold or HHH.
      All in all it was a great show and all of us Aussies hope that this is
      going to happen more often!!!


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