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  • Colin Vassallo
    Apr 2, 2003
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Yay I'm in Las Vegas. RAW on Monday wasn't bad, but as a RAW following
      WrestleMania it sucked big time. I mean, come on, Maven vs Rosey; Jeff
      Hardy vs Steven Richards? Gimme a break. The finale with Goldberg was
      exciting to witness live and the crowd went absolutely bananas once the
      music kicked in. Wow. It was one of those great moments similar to Rock
      interrupting Hogan's interview back last year in Chicago after No Way

      On the way to Spokane on Tuesday morning the guys at the airport decided
      to open up all my bags. After telling me I'm free to go, one official
      came running towards me and said, "Sir, we need to open all your bags."
      One of the ladies there happened to be a wrestling fan and freaked out
      when she saw my WrestleMania XIX chair and merchandise and in a matter
      of a few minutes I had 6 officials around me discussing WrestleMania.
      Holy crap. Nonetheless, they still turned my bags upside down. Damn.

      Checking in, WWE Canada president Carl Demarco was there and so was
      Trish Stratus. While no one bothered to go up to Demarco, a dozen of
      fans rushed to Trish for her autograph. Showing once again what a
      professional she is, she simply put her bags down and signed each and
      every picture and took photos as well.

      The Smackdown! show was OK. Nothing special except one big surprise. The
      crowd was super hot throughout the night which made the show more
      enjoyable. The thing that sucked was after the show I was stuck for 50
      minutes outside the arena in the cold waiting for a cab. I called this
      company four times to pick me up and no one came despite the biatch on
      the phone telling me that they are on the way. Suggestion, if you're in
      Spokane, do not use the 'Park N Ride' cab service. Then a cab from a
      different company came by and stopped. The driver scared the holy hell
      out of me with his words and stuff. He told me that he was a limo driver
      and a bodyguard before, hence the nice ways of greeting clients. Wow. He
      even gave me his cell phone number to be my 'personal driver' for during
      my stay in Spokane. Needless to say, I was glad when I arrived at the
      hotel cause seriously, I thought he was gonna kidnap me or something.

      After one and a half hours waiting at the lobby of New York New York
      Hotel & Casino in Vegas I'm finally in my room. Jeez man, there were
      like 250 people checking-in and their 'new' system was down. How did
      they compensate the angry people? Giving them Starbucks coupons. What
      @ssholes. When the guy came to me and gave me the coupon I told him to
      keep it.

      I have around 200 e-mails to read so if I didn't reply, you know why.
      The Marriott in Spokane didn't have Internet. Alrighty, there'll be
      another issue tomorrow loaded with news. I'm off to the Celine Dion
      concert in Caesar's Palace - yes, I said Celine Dion. See ya tomorrow.

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      - You know what they say, never say never in this wrestling business. At
      the Tuesday Smackdown! tapings, a big name from the 'Attitude' era
      returned to WWE, and returned to stay. This individual left the WWE on
      bad terms and both parties where even in a legal battle following the
      departure. The fans were completely surprised by the appearance but went
      nuts when the person came to the ring. To keep the element of surprise
      we will not say who this person is, besides that, Smackdown! is only one
      day away!

      > RATINGS
      - The post-Mania RAW did a 3.7 rating off hours 3.6 and 3.8 with a 5.7
      share. That must be a huge let down for everybody considering it was the
      day after Mania and the debut of Goldberg. In other ratings, Velocity
      did a 0.7 with a 1.3 share, Confidential did a 0.5 with a 1.1 share and
      Heat did a 1.1 with a 1.8 share. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media
      Research and put online by 1wrestling.com)

      - Looks like Roddy Piper's appearance at WrestleMania wasn't a one time
      deal with the company. During the Smackdown! tapings yesterday in
      Spokane, a video promo aired saying that the famous Piper's Pit will be
      returning to Smackdown! starting next week. Back in the 80s, Piper's Pit
      was mostly the best interview segment during the shows. One segment in
      particular that remains fresh in fans' minds is when Piper broke a
      coconut over Jimmy Snuka's head and knocked him out.

      - Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle did not participate during the Smackdown!
      tapings yesterday, with Stephanie McMahon announcing that Lesnar
      suffered a concussion after the botched shooting star press and Angle
      out due to neck problems. She did say that Angle has up to two months
      out, and not a year, hinting that Angle opted to go for the alternative
      procedure to repair his neck problems in which he discussed on WWE.COM.
      The new WWE champion will be at the tapings next week.

      - After cameras stopped rolling, The Rock kept on going with his show
      for another 15 minutes. Selling the spear by Goldberg the whole time, he
      begged the fans not to bring back Goldberg out to the ring because the
      spear hurt like hell. The Rock told the guys back in the truck to replay
      the angle twice while the fans got a kick out of the Rock's comments.
      The Rock said that "he might stay around for another month to face Bill
      Goldberg" which got a big pop from the crowd. Then he told the crowd not
      to cheer him because he's a bad dude, but there was something he needed
      to do. Sitting at ringside was a very small kid, and The Rock went up to
      him and asked him if he can say "Is cooking" on the mic. The kid nodded
      and then in his tiny voice said, "If ya smelalalalalala" which got
      another huge pop from the crowd and a round of applause. The Rock was
      surprised and started laughing like crazy. The kid then closed it by
      saying "is cooking." The crowd was totally into the Rock and cheered him
      all the way to the locker room. In a funny moment The Rock was
      interacting with a few fans at ringside particularly with one who was
      fat and Rock was making jokes about him.

      - The Seattle Times and Post-Intelligence newspapers have two stories up
      regarding WrestleMania complete with pictures and comments from the
      fans. Check it out at
      and http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/115064_wrestle31.shtml .
      Although the two mentioned papers gave WM some attention the publicity
      the show received in Seattle was nothing compared to last year in


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