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  • Colin Vassallo
    Sep 1 2:39 PM
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Not much going on today. See ya tomorrow.

      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
      He is the immortal Hulk Hogan, perhaps the biggest superstar to be
      associated with the wrestling business. Now for the first time ever
      on DVD, the history of the Hulkster and Hulkamania re-lived inside a
      2-disc special edition titled 'Hulk Still Rules'. It's 360 minutes
      of Hogan action and you can order the DVD or else the VHS tape from


      - In Friday's Ross Report, JR said that Bubba, D-Von Dudley, Chris
      Jericho, Matt and Jeff Hardy have all re-signed and extended their WWE
      contracts in long-term deals. Guess we'll be watching those five WWE
      superstars on our TV for a very long time!

      - Here's the full WWE schedule for the coming week. RAW live tomorrow in
      Chicago, IL., at the Allstate Arena while the SD! brand performs in
      Dallas, TX., at the American Airlines Center. On Tuesday Smackdown!
      tapings in Green Bay, WI., at the Resch Center. One show on Friday at
      the Sioux Falls Arena in Sioux Falls, SD., followed by two shows on
      Saturday, one at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, SD., and
      the other in Washington, DC., at the MCI Center. Another two shows on
      Sunday, the first in Cedar Rapids, IO., at the U.S. Cellular Center and
      the second in Cleveland, OH., at the Gund Arena.

      - Bill DeMott - formerly known as Hugh Morrus - was in a car accident
      this week in Los Angeles and almost lost his life in the process. DeMott
      is in LA with the rest of the Tough Enough III crew who are taping the
      third season. DeMott is one of the three trainers, along with Al Snow
      and Ivory. Jim Ross reports that DeMott is feeling fine and will be
      going to Iceland as scheduled to continue the tapings of Tough Enough.

      - W-O Newsletter readers The LilsBoys from the UK tabloid newspaper The
      Sun interviewed WWE diva Torrie Wilson during her stay in the UK
      promoting the Rebellion tour for this coming October. During the
      interview, Wilson talks about her boyfriend Billy Kidman, Hulk Hogan,
      Vince McMahon, the demise of WCW and much more. Check it out at


      By Chris Bernes, [obiwanjabroni19@...]

      OK, without further adieu, and fear of more threatening letters, only
      two people answered my ultra tough trivia quiz the week of my poll. J
      Smoothio (no real name provided), and Howard Cohen of Granada Hills,
      Calif. were the two respondants who succesfully told me the 5 men who
      are all deceased who formed the three tag teams in the WWF who scored
      tag team gold. Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Yokozuna, Dick Murdock and
      Adrian Adonis were the 5 men. They also correctly identified the teams
      that beat them. Good job guys, now please stop yelling at me.

      This past Tuesday, the WWE paid a visit to my workplace, the Mohegan
      Sun, for a taping of SmackDown at the arena here. Instead of boring you
      with the results that you already know, I am going to give my random
      thoughts on the event, in the ever so popular dot-dot-dot format. Here

      The night before the event, the SD crew arrived from New Haven...
      while trying to leave work that night, I met Batista, Reverend D-Von,
      Albert and his parents, and Mark Henry... all were very nice...
      Albert's parents look like little old versions of Albert, but with
      hair... I have had three nightmares about a Bloom family reunion since
      then, where all family mambers look like versions of Mr Matt Bloom, the
      star known as Albert... Batista was so far from his mean character, and
      was genuinely excited to be here... was told by security via my cell
      phone the next morning that added precautions were necessary due to the
      Rock, Hollywood Hogan, Vince McMahon, and Undertaker were all in
      separate luxury suites on floor 26 of our hotel. No confirmation on
      Hogan, but the other three wandered the casino Tuesday morning, much to
      the delight of many patrons... MY SIGN MADE TV, MY SIGN MADE TV.....
      Yes, my tip-of-the-hat to my brainchild, CPW, and my
      partner's FWC was featured on a sign that read "The Legacy owns Cool
      Papa 4-Life" in the first 3 minutes of the broadcast. You're jealous as
      hell, I can tell!!.... Dear God, how HOT did Stephanie look that
      night? Makes me wish I had left my girlfriend at home (sorry, KJ)...
      Yes, you read that right, my girlfriend attended her very first WWE
      event.... more on that later.... ATTENTION RED SOX FANS: Please
      refrain from chanting "Yankees Suck" at events where it is irrelevant.
      At a Yankkes/Red Sox game, this is OK, but not at a WWE event.... Not
      the first time this has happened this year. The Anthrax/Judas Priest
      concert, the Bruins Hockey game, the Sammy Hagar/David Lee Roth show....
      Red Sox fans who do this make themselves look like the jealous also-rans
      you are (and represent their fellow fans as such as well).... Not quite
      the starpower I expected for the WWE's first TV show here, but the show
      itself was top-notch, first rate.... John Cena is
      quickly becoming a favorite of mine.... Chris Benoit is back in top
      form, but needs to stay away from the flying headbutt that caused him to
      aggrivate his neck and miss a year of work.... Almost got into a fight
      because I ranted about how the above mentioned chants were irrelevant,
      stupid, and uncalled for.... I would've won, though, I'm a pretty rough
      guy!!!.... OK, remember how I mentioned KJ attended her first live
      event, right?? Well she now loves Rey Mysterio Jr. ("that Mexican Jumpy
      guy") and the Undertaker (Who she cheered for as he was announced and
      after he won the match at the close of the show).... My new Rey Jr.
      shirt is missing... it was last seen in my bedroom the night of the
      event... anyone with information on my missing shirt need only be on the
      lookout for a female caucasian, 5'3", 120 lbs, cute with a hell of a
      rack, answers to the name of "KJ".... Still have my Hurricane shirt,
      though... After the show, while relaxing with a cold beverage, we saw
      Michael Hayes and Mark Henry having dinner and drinks with their
      companions.... decided not to bother them.... Pat Patterson showed up at
      the restaurant minutes later.... I was dragged away by KJ and my friend
      Nat (who had just gotten off of work) before I could make fun of Pat...
      All in all, I was impressed not only by the show itself, but the way the
      superstars conducted themselves here at Mohegan Sun.... I hope this is
      the beginning of a long relationship between the WWE and we here at
      Mohegan Sun... Now if I could only get a member of the creative writing
      team to actually accept my portfolio of CPW writngs, I just may have a
      new occupation....

      That is the truth, and this time, it doesn't hurt at all!!!

      Answer to last week's trivia: Congratulations go to Bruce Battles, who
      was the first person to correctly identify Oil Trough, Texas, as Dutch
      Mantell's hometown. Way to be, yo!!!!

      THIS WEEK'S TRIVIA: Name the first match aired on the very first WCW
      "Monday Nitro" on September 6, 1995. Extra Credit if you can also
      correctly identify the main event that night!!

      Take care and see you in a week!!


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