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1412Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1311

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  • Colin Vassallo
    Jun 1, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Not a lot of news today. Paul Hough director of The Backyard documentary
      sent in word that his work will be screened in Atlanta's Hollywood Regal
      24 tonight at 10PM.


      Post your comments/feedback on the news at our new Reader's Forum at
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      - The final episode of the second season of Tough Enough scored huge
      ratings, getting a 2.8 composite with a 4.6 share. Last year's season
      finale did a 2.5 rating. A Tough Enough reunion show will air this month
      with participants from both seasons. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media
      Research and put online by 1wrestling.com)

      - Edge won't see much ring time for the next few weeks as he is
      suffering from a shoulder injury. Jim Ross reported that Edge's shoulder
      popped out of its socket during the cage match against Angle on
      Smackdown! and the Maple Leafs' doctor placed back the shoulder in its
      position. An MRI was done yesterday and a torn labrum was discovered
      which may require surgery.

      - The following shows went on sale earlier today. King Of The Ring
      pay-per-view in Columbus, OH., at the Nationwide Arena on Sunday June
      23rd; Live event on Saturday June 22nd at the Huntington Civic Arena in
      Huntington, WV.; Live event on Saturday June 22nd at the Firstar Center
      in Cincinnati, OH.; Live event on Monday June 24th at the Mark of the
      Quad Cities in Moline, IL.; RAW live from the Gund Arena in Cleveland,
      OH., on Monday June 24th; Smackdown! tapings on Tuesday June 25th at the
      Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL.; Live event on Friday June 28th at the
      MCI Center in Washington, DC.; Live event on June 29th at Madison Square
      Garden in New York, NY.; Live event at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in
      Providence, RI., on Saturday June 29th; Live event at the Mohegan Sun
      Arena on Sunday June 30th in Uncasville, CT.; Smackdown! tapings at the
      FleetCenter in Boston, MA., on July 2nd. For more ticket information
      check out Ticketmaster.com or else call the arena box office.

      - W-O Newsletter reader Joe Hamilton sent in word that Triple H is on
      the cover of the new Flex Magazine for the month of July. One of the
      quotes plugging the mag says, "Find out how I got this body!" Well is
      that a hard thing to figure out? The magazine is out newsstands now.

      - Tonight's WWE Confidential continues the interview with Heartbreak Kid
      Shawn Michaels. In this second part, HBK will talk about his wrestling
      career - or what's left of it. The big question - if he will ever return
      to the squared circle - will also be touched with comments from Vince
      McMahon. Also we will also see a feature on Davey Boy Smith, who passed
      away in mid May. Confidential is hosted by Mean Gene Okerlund and airs
      on TNN from 11PM to Midnight.


      By Henry Dimech, [henry.dimech@...]

      Greetings, history-thirsty readers and welcome to a new issue of "This
      week in wrestling". Please let me thank all the readers that sent
      feedback on the first two columns, I really appreciate it. Also let me
      apologise for a typo in last week's issue. Jeff Jarrett won his 3rd
      Intercontinental title on May 22, 1995 not 1999. This week we'll be
      covering the events occured in the wrestling industry during the period
      May 27 to June 2. Not as much going on as last week but still quite
      interesting. On with the memories....

      One of the main angles going on during this period in 1997 was the
      continuation of the Undertaker-Mankind-Bearer angle culminating with
      Bearer threatening Taker to unveil a "surprise" on him. Some time before
      Bearer had left the Undertaker to manage Mankind (Has Paul Bearer ever
      managed a normal mentally sane guy?). After that the Undertaker won the
      World Title, Bearer wanted to lure him back under his guidance but the
      "Man from the Dark Side" refused. As time went on, Bearer grew unpatient
      of Taker's refusal and began threatening him. On Raw Taker had to make a
      final decision whether he wants to go back to Uncle Paul or not. At
      first he decided to stay on his own and was even going to chokeslam
      Bearer but finally he submitted to the "power of the urn" due to
      Bearer's mention that there were actually 3 graves not 2 that day his
      parent's house was burned. Around this time 5 years ago, the new
      official WWF site was launched. This anniversary makes yours truly
      wonder if without the push of the smart (internet) fans the WWF would
      have ever beaten WCW. Nobody will ever know but in a nice way to tell us
      how grateful they were, a few weeks ago the WWF issued an open letter to
      all wrestling-related newsletters/sites telling them they won't be
      available for comments on stories and rumors. Great move guys, that's a
      really nice way to say thanks!!!

      This period in 1998 was marked with Austin's victorious title defense at
      the Over the Edge' 98 PPV against Dude Love. With the Austin-McMahon
      saga going strong, Vince McMahon chose a puppet to go against the
      rattlesnake. Which puppet happened to be the re-incarnation of Mick
      Foley's teenage fantasy...the funky Dude Love. (We miss you Mick!!!)
      Last week I wrote about rumors of Madusa/Alundra Blayze going back to
      the WWF to feud with Sable. Instead we were introduced to Jacqueline as
      Marc Mero's new valet. Highlights of their feud still spark in all
      "puppies" lovers memories. For further info check your local video store
      for UK only PPV's...Back to serious stuff. Goldberg pushed the streak to
      94-0 (still a long way to go for Lesnar) and Sting joined the NWO

      1999 was obviously marked with the aftermath of Owen's tragic death.
      Lots of wrestlers attended his funeral including then WCW star, Hulk
      Hogan. In an interview, the Hulkster said something in the lines of '
      wrestling crossed the line too much and Turner would never allow us to
      do all the crotch grabbing (DX) stuff'. Give me a break, will you?
      Didn't Sting used to come down from rafters too? Didn't Goldberg attack
      Jim Duggan in an attempt to turn heel? Weren't women abused on WCW
      programming (Randy Savage, anyone)?

      This week in 2000 was dominated by Hollywood related news. It was said
      that David Arquette donated his 100 thousand grand he recieved from WCW
      appearances to the families of Brian Hildebrand, Brian Pillmann and
      Darren Drozdov. Kudos to Arquette. News also broke out that The Rock
      (fresh of his new 5 year WWF contract) was cosidered for the main role
      in the 3rd movie of the Mummy series where he was to retain his role as
      the Scorpion King. At that time the movies's name was tentatively set as
      "Mummy Forever." Thankfully they changed it to the Scorpion King. For
      those who haven't seen the film yet, check out Vince McMahon's name as
      executive producer in the credits. Mr. McMahon has reportedly earned a
      couple of million bucks for his role in the flick. Vince earned these
      money only for allowing Universal to use the name The Rock and not for
      actually involving himself in the film's production.

      This week in year 2001 was supposed to kickstart the infamous "WCW
      Invasion" angle. During Raw, Lance Storm made history by being the first
      WCW invader. In desperate need to add star power to their WCW roster, it
      was being reported that the WWF was talking to DDP about accepting a
      buyout. In the meantime, the last (pre-WWF) WCW Champion, Booker T was
      said to have accepted a buyout of his contract from AOL Time Warner. It
      was reported that he accepted a 50 cents on the dollar buyout for the
      remaining of his WCW contract so that he can join the WWF. Booker was
      the second WCW big name to join the WWF. He followed the arrival of DDP
      and was later joined by Kronik, Flair and the NWO. Except Hogan and
      Flair they all failed more or less. Their failure not only cost the WWF
      a lot of money but also they took TV time from hard-working youngsters
      in desperate need of a push and relegating them to Heat or OVW and HWA.
      But that's a story for another day....on with the title changes during
      this week.

      WWF Intercontinental Title:
      06/02/87 --> The Honky Tonk Man defeated Ricky Steamboat

      WWF Tag Team Titles:
      05/29/00 --> Too Cool (GrandMaster Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty) beat Edge
      and Christian.
      05/30/73 --> Tony Garea and Haystacks Calhaun defeated Professor Tanaka
      and Mr. Fuji
      05/27/59 --> Eddie and Dr. Jerry Graham beat Mark Levin and Don Curtis
      for their 2nd tag title.

      WCW Heavyweight Title:
      05/29/00 --> Kevin Nash hands the title he won against Jarrett and Scott
      Steiner, to Flair who was previously stripped by Vince Russo on

      WCW Tag Team Titles:
      05/31/99 --> DDP and Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Perry Saturn and Chris
      05/30/00 --> Sean Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo (of the Natural Born
      Thrillerz) defeated Kronik

      ECW TV Title:
      06/01/96 --> Pitbull no. 2 defeated Shane Douglas

      That's all for this week. Please send any comments, suggestions, etc to
      henry.dimech@.... See you next week...


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