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  • Colin Vassallo
    May 2, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We have a new reader's forum up at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/cgi-bin/teemz/teemz.cgi . The last forum
      was f!@ked up but this one actually works pretty good. Instead of
      sending feedback to news on this e-mail address - which won't get
      printed on the newsletter - you can post your opinions there. You will
      need to register to post, after registering you will receive an e-mail
      from us with a password. If you don't register, you can read the posts,
      however you can't post anything.

      The wrestling documentary 'The Backyard' will be playing in Australian
      theaters come August in the 51st Melbourne International Film Festival.
      I saw a copy of the documentary a couple of weeks ago thanks to director
      Paul Hough and I must say that it was one of the most shocking,
      breathtaking pieces of work I've seen. The guys in there are just
      absolutely crazy. You thought ECW was hardcore? You ain't seen nothing
      yet. These kids use every movable object to their advantage and surely
      have more guts than brains. The documentary also goes to Rob Van Dam's
      backyard (hehe, get it?) where RVD himself talks about backyard
      wrestling among other things. Paul also managed to sneak in Caesar's
      Palace from some Tough Enough 2 work where one of the guys featured in
      'The Backyard' tries his luck to get a shot at some WWF glory. Did he do
      it? You'll find out only if you watch this great documentary.

      Paul has set up a mailing list for the latest updates on screenings etc,
      so if you're interested in subscribing, send a blank e-mail to
      THEBACKYARDFILM@yahoogroups.com .

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      glory days of RAW Is WAR from 1998 and 1999 and watch clips
      from Austin/McMahon feud, the Union formation, the Corporate
      Ministry, The Rock's journey to the top and other stuff that
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      - Lita had surgery on her neck on Tuesday in San Antonio, TX., under the
      hands of Dr. Lloyd Youngblood. Recovery time is expected to take up to a
      year. Lita was dropped on her head while doing some stunts for the
      season finale of 'Dark Angel' a couple of weeks ago. Her boyfriend Matt
      Hardy was with her when she had surgery and flew to Scotland to take
      part in the second stop of the WWF European tour with the RAW roster. In
      the meantime, you can see Lita's appearance on 'Dark Angel' this coming
      Friday at 8:30PM EST on FOX.

      - Wade Keller, editor of the Pro Wrestling Torch reported yesterday that
      Tough Enough 3 is confirmed for another season. The second installment
      of the WWF show on MTV didn't get the success that the first edition
      did, mainly due to people blaming the lack of interesting characters
      selected as participants for the show. On Monday we contacted an MTV
      Publicist for an update on Tough Enough but didn't return our mail.
      Keller says that an announcement should be made this week.

      - Wrestling-Online Newsletter readers Dan K, Karsten, Lou D and Abdon
      attended the WWF show in Cologne, Germany yesterday and sent in the
      following results. Spike Dudley defeated William Regal; Brock Lesnar
      defeated Crash Holly; Jazz defeated Jackie; Jerry Lawler & Trish Stratus
      defeated Mr Perfect & Molly Holly; Steven Richards defeated Tommy
      Dreamer, Shawn Stasiak and Justin Credible in a Hardcore match; X-Pac
      defeated Jeff Hardy; Eddie Guerrero defeated Rob Van Dam; Ric Flair
      defeated Booker T; Big Show defeated Bradshaw; Steve Austin defeated the
      Undertaker. Before the show there was a fan meeting at a restaurant next
      to the Kolnarena which was organized by 3 WWF fan clubs in Germany. A
      couple of hundreds of fans attended the meeting. The show wasn't sold
      out and there were a lot of tickets remaining for a crowd of around
      10,000 people.

      - As stated above, the WWF were in Germany yesterday for the first leg
      of the European tour. Several WWF superstars took some time to talk to
      WWF.COM to explain how tiring the tour gets when crossing the Atlantic.
      You can check that out at http://www.wwf.com/news/headlines/1133303 .
      Nash, despite injured, is taking part on the Insurrextion tour and also
      spoke with WWF.COM regarding his injury. His interview is at
      http://www.wwf.com/news/headlines/1133301 . Trish Stratus is keeping a
      diary of her tour and her first day is uploaded at

      - Here are the matches that are scheduled to air on Smackdown! tonight
      on UPN. Tajiri vs Kidman; Christian & Test vs Mark Henry & Faarooq;
      Hardcore Holly vs Randy Orton; Kurt Angle & Lance Storm vs Edge & Big
      Valbowski; Billy & Chuck vs Rikishi & Hurricane; Hulk Hogan vs Chris
      Jericho. Also right after Smackdown!, Tough Enough starts on MTV and
      this week the crew goes to South Africa to get some workouts
      there...plus someone will leave the show.

      - The sexy Stacy Keibler will be the special guest on Byte This!
      tomorrow afternoon on WWF.COM . To speak with the long-legged beauty you
      can call on 1-888-LIVEWWF between 4PM and 5PM EST or else e-mail your
      questions to bytethis@... . You need Windows Media Player to watch
      the show.

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day at 15.24, a 2.14% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 14.82 - 15.25.


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