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1330Wrestling-Online Newsletter #1231

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  • Colin Vassallo
    Mar 1, 2002
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey yo. Nothing much going on today, seems like it will be a pretty slow

      Back tomorrow.

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      - Smackdown! took a nose dive in the ratings, getting a 3.8 with a 6.0
      share, down 0.7 from the previous week. Certainly not good news.
      (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by

      - Wrestling-Online Newsletter readers Dan Glenn, Dennis Almighty,
      'Brian`1' and 'ThruHeavensEyez' attended the Smackdown! tapings at the
      FleetCenter last Tuesday and filed in the following notes. The whole
      Austin/nWo 'gun' angle was messed up. The first time, the gun 'fired',
      Nash and Hall ducked but nothing came out. Austin turned around,
      reloaded it, and fires again at Nash and this time the net fires. When
      cameras went off the air, Triple H returned to the ring to pump up the
      crowd some more. Nothing special happened apart from that.

      - Fans in the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, FL., will witness Hogan's first
      match in a WWF ring since leaving the Federation back in mid 1993
      tonight. Hogan will wrestle Rikishi in a match billed as a 'special
      attraction' on the 9-match show. The show is headlined by Hall vs Austin
      with Nash in his nWo partner corner. If anyone is attending this event,
      please drop us some notes with the winners and any other interesting

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed the day and the week at 13.85, a 2.21% increase over the
      previous trade. The day's range was 13.25 - 13.85.

      - Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader Jeremy Deschner attended the live
      WWF event in Japan and sent in the following detailed report.

      The pyro show was totally toned down and the stage where the wrestlers
      come out did not have the big fist uptop like we are used to seeing. I
      did however get the opportunity to meet the Dudley boys and and Stacy! I
      took a picture with them and chatted for a bit. I had Box seats and they
      came into our room!

      Bubba Ray seemed pretty surprised to see me there he goes "Alright !!!
      An American!!!" as soon as he saw me. Then they took pictures with the
      other 10 people in the room. During that time Bubba was cracking jokes
      that I think I was the only one to understand. He told one guy "Boy
      you're ripe" and it I laughed because I had noticed the same thing too!
      Also let me say that if you have not met Stacy Keibler close up and in
      person, then you don't know what your missing. She is absolutely
      beautiful and has the longest legs I have ever seen.

      Now on to the show

      First Shane McMahon comes out to introduce the show. At first he had a
      translator there to help out. But the crowd booed the translator and
      Shane made him leave the ring. The crowd loved that and cheered.

      William Regal Vs. Edge For the Intercontinental Title
      Same old stuff ensued with Regal retaining the belt after slugging Edge
      in the b@lls. The crowd liked Edge and cheered him on. They also chanted
      "A$$hole" and "Regal Sucks"

      Next was Lita vs. Mighty Molly
      Lita put on a good show and defeated Mighty Molly.

      Then there was DDP Vs. Haku for the European Title
      DDP beat the stuffing out of Haku and walled into the crown with his
      belt! Every one went nuts!!

      Next up was The Hardy Boys vs. Billy and Chuck for the Tag Team titles
      It was totally a great show. Jeff and Mat did their high flying jumps
      and they looked awesome! But Chuck and Billy ended up beating them. Matt
      and Billy ended up unconscious in the ring and then Billy managed to get
      one arm over Matt for the pit fall.

      After that match Ric Flair came out to the ring and thanked Japan for
      hosting the WWF this time around. Then he talked about his glory days of
      coming to Japan for over 30 years in his career. He then gave some shout
      out to famous Japanese wrestlers and then went to the backstage.

      After Ric Flair came Kane and the Big Show vs. The Dudley Boys. Bubba
      ray put Kane through a table and then later Devon got to do the famous
      "What's up" into the groin of the Big Show. During the match the Big
      Show got to spank Stacy in the middle of the ring. The match ended with
      both Bubb and Devon being double choke slammed to the mat by Kane and
      the Big Show for the win.

      Next up was Sho Funaki vs. The Hurricane. This match really surprised
      me. The Japanese crowd booed Funaki and cheered for the Hurricane. But
      that didn't save him in the end. Funaki pinned the Hurricane for the

      After Funaki came Tajiri vs. Billy Kidman. The crowd LOVED Tajiri, and
      he knew it. They really came alive when he came out. Kidman and Tajiri
      put on one great show and I have to say it was the best of the night!
      Tajiri is really a great athlete.

      The final match was The Rock Vs. Chris Jericho for the undisputed world
      champ title. They fought each other for a go 30-40 minutes. The mach was
      good and Jericho finished it by punching the Rock in the balls and then
      pinning him. After the match The Rock was not finished. He got the mic
      and called Jericho back out. They had an exchange of words in which Rock
      asked Jericho if they wanted to go to Roppongi and get some Japanese
      Pie. Jericho says "I hate Japanese pie! Look at my body! I don't eat pie
      I hate all pie."

      Rock grabs the mic and says " Let me get this straight. You hate pie?
      are you an Okama (Japanese for homo)"

      Jericho grabs the mic and says "I hate pie but I like to eat Strudel"

      The crowd started to chant "Okama! Okama!" Jericho got mad and said
      "What the hell is Okama???" Rock grabs the mic and says "It means you
      don't like pie, you like this." then he grabbed his butt. Then the crowd
      started to chant "Y2GAY Y2GAY!!" After that the Rock says to Jericho
      "Let me be the first to welcome you to Japan" Then the Rock gives
      Jericho the Rock Bottom! The crowd goes nuts. After that the Rock puts a
      Japanese flag and an American flag over his shoulder and there were some

      All in all an excellent show. It has been 10 years since the WWF came to
      Japan and tonight's show totally made up for it!


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