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  • Colin Vassallo
    May 1, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Winners of the PPV competition will be mailed shortly. I left my address
      book at home with all the contacts so I can't send the e-mails to the
      sponsors right now. That's what happens when you pack a few hours before
      you leave. I'm waiting for a family member to send it via e-mail,
      hopefully it will be sent tomorrow.

      The NewsStation will soon be getting more updated. We're looking into
      adding new reporters, those interested can e-mail me.

      Not a lot of news today, back tomorrow.

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      - Livewire did a 0.9 with a 3.1 share; Superstars did a 0.9 with a 2.7
      share and Heat did a 1.1 rating with a 2.0 share. Monday night ratings
      have been delayed.

      - After cameras stopped rolling, the WWF champion stomped 'Taker's bike
      then went to beat on UT and Kane. Before the champs left, HHH went back
      to the ring to perform a pedigree on the 'Taker, but he reversed it.
      Austin and HHH got chokeslammed by the Undertaker for their troubles.

      - The former WWF Champion The Rock was at the premiere of the 'Mummy
      Returns' movie this past week in Hollywood, CA. Rock was accompanied by
      his pregnant wife Dany. We have a picture of the two posing for the
      cameras at the Info Central section of our website in the 'One Timers'
      column. Check it out at http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral/

      - Tonight on NBC at 11:35/10:35PM CT The Rock will be one of the guests
      on the 'Tonight Show' with Jay Leno. Rock will talk about the release of
      his involvement in his first major motion picture 'The Mummy Returns'
      and his new movie 'The Scorpion King'.

      > WWF STOCKS
      - Stocks closed at 13.50, a 0.95% decrease over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 13.10 - 13.50


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      - During an interview, Kevin Nash stated that come August, he will be
      teaming up with Scott Hall once again to participate at the Pillman
      yearly memorial show. WCW wrestlers who are still under contract to AOL
      Time Warner have been banned from wrestling in any shows, however it's
      still not known if AOL TW will grant Nash permission since this is a
      kind of charity event. The 4th annual Pillman Memorial will be done on
      August 9th at the Oak Hills High School in Cincinati, OH.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      Hey people, bet you never thought you'd see me again. Welcome to a
      belated edition of Clothesline City. I apologise for my short sabbatical
      over the last month, it was caused by a few personal problems, lets say
      no more than that (nothing illegal!). Anyway, the purpose of this column
      is to review a certain event that recently occurred in Chicago, that
      being the Backlash extravaganza.

      The name of this event basically says it all. It is the Backlash from
      WrestleMania, maybe a more apt title would be "Leftovers". Despite the
      title of the PPV, there wasn't much bite to this card. There seemed to
      be a distinct lack of preparation, as if much of the card had been
      thrown together quite carelessly...

      X-Factor vs. Dudleyz was one such match. To quote Shania Twain, X-Factor
      don't impress me much. X-Pac is a lazy worker, yet is in Triple H's ear
      (who in turn, is in Vince's), so that means he gets his own stable which
      includes as yet unimpressive Justin Credible and big man Albert. Albert
      is huge, therefore he'll be given a lot longer to get over with the
      crowd than smaller more talented grapplers (for example Dean Malenko and
      Essa Rios). The match was a decent opener, it was never going to be a
      classic. Some decent action with LSD continuing to impress. But I don't
      see how it elevates any of the 6 wrestlers involved. They are all stuck
      in the same mid-card rut as they have been for quite some time now.

      The hardcore bout was probably my favourite match of the night, which
      doesn't say much for the card does it? This was only the second match of
      the night! It was an entertaining brawl with Raven showing some signs of
      why he was reputed to be the most hardcore wrestler in the world about 5
      years ago. Don't get me wrong though, he is in nowhere near the
      sparkling form he was in during his ECW days (not the stint in 2000).
      Rhyno too was impressive, I loved the shopping trolley (or cart to US
      readers) spot. There is an over-reliance on these signs being used as
      weapons though. I must bring up my disappointment at the realism of
      wrestling weapons. I was screaming at the television last night (HULLO!!
      Kitchen sinks and trash cans DO NOT bounce around like that) but hey,
      its sports entertainment, maybe I shouldn't take it so seriously. It
      looks like Rhyno is going to get pushed as an unbeatable monster and
      have an undefeated run much like Kurt Angle's. This is perhaps how Tazz
      or The Big Show should have been pushed, but alas it was not to be.
      Raven's stock should have risen too.

      The Duchess of Queensbury had the single WORST English accent I've ever
      heard, and the match impressed me about as much as her attempts at
      middle class english. (A small point here, I don't know if Regal sounds
      really snobby to American audiences, but to British fans, he just sounds
      like an everyday Northerner of England). The match was bearable, but
      thats about it. The dubious rules made the probability of a storming
      match ever-so-doubtful. The likelihood is the feud will continue until
      Judgment Day. Hopefully, in their third outing, the pair will deliver
      the match we've been waiting for. Regal is the only one gaining anything
      from this feud. Jericho should be in the main event mix, along with
      Benoit and Angle, but because of the egotism of Mr. Austin and Mr.
      Helmsley, they are being held down, but thats another
      story for another time.

      The Ultimate Submission Match was disappointing. It was never going to
      be a good match, submission matches very rarely are (lack of near falls,
      you see). But 30 minutes was far too long to take it, and the match
      never really reached the intensity of WrestleMania. By saying it killed
      the crowd is an understatement, there was just no place on the card for
      a match like this, not in this wrestling era anyway. The WWF just seems
      to be killing any momentum that these wrestlers had. Both are more than
      capable of being mega-stars but the creative department are failing to
      capitalise on both men's unquestionable talent. *Sigh*

      Now we come to the Last Man Standing match. Lets face it, everyone was
      just waiting for the climax of this match to see what insane bump Shane
      would take. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Shane is able to
      take stupid bumps like that, as he does not have to get out of bed and
      wrestle the next day for a living, does he? His elbow drop was
      admitrable, (even if the contact was minimal). But Jim Ross, come on, 50
      feet? Is this 1988? Are wrestling fans THAT gullable? Don't answer that.
      The match really was ok, but like I said, most of the match was just
      spent waiting for The Bump.

      I read an internet column this morning saying that Shane has replaced
      Foley as God, and that he is more hardcore than the Long Island Legend.
      EXCUSE ME? I don't think so. To suggest Shane is more extreme than
      Mankind/Cactus Jack is simply sheer stupidity. After the fall, Shane was
      helped to the back, fair enough, most men would be. After Mick's fall,
      he climbed up a cage with a dislocated shoulder, took some chair shots,
      went though the top of the cage, had a chair fall full force onto him as
      he crashed to the mat THEN rolled of thumb tacks. When you put that
      together with his Death Matches in Japan and some of the other
      stupendous bumps he's taken, Foley is indeed, still God.

      The European Title match was another match that just seemed to be a
      card-filler. They did put on a good show however. This match displayed
      what should be the future of the WWF. SHOULD be. All three men are great
      technicians in the ring and this showed. The match was too short, and
      was basically a space filler, which is all the Euro strap is ever used
      for it seems. I thought it was quite funny how Jeff totally missed his
      Swanton though.

      So Austin and Trippers get the belts, now there's a surprise isn't it.
      Seriously, I'm getting absolutely sick of Austin and HHH and their
      insistance of being at the top. Its not enough they hold Y2J, Benoit and
      Kirk Angel down, but they have to remove any momentum the Hardys had.
      They then need to have both main singles titles around their wastes and
      also now the tag belts. Its getting beyond a joke. The only light at the
      end of the tunnel is that they are slightly over as heels now. If they
      want to get fully over, they have to drop their belts. Everybody likes
      to support the team thats winning (ask a million Manchester United
      fans), so the belts and push are working against them. Also, Austin HAS
      to stop using the Stunner. The move has been associated with face wins
      for so long, the crowd just instantly pop the instant he uses it. Time
      for a new move Steve. Oh yeah, the match? It wasn't up to much either.
      It kinda reminded me of the Austin/Taker vs. Mankind/Kane match, I
      wonder why. The match chowed how super-over the Brothers of Destruction
      have become though, so I'm happy for Mark Callaway and Glenn Jacobs. I
      just don't see the purpose of this match. It did a lot of damage to
      Federation progress. And they wonder why the ratings are dropping.

      I actually feel asleep during the last match, well HEY! Don't get on my
      back, it was 4-30am here in the UK, and I've got the flu. (Throw your
      sympathy votes this way). I did watch the match this morning though, so
      I'm not just talking out my ass. Backlash was never going to be a great
      card, but the matches which I hoped would impress (mainly Benoit/Angle)
      didn't, so the event never had a hope. Hopefully Judgment Day will be
      better, but it only can be if the WWF make the right moves over the next
      few months and freshen up their product that is no oh-so-stale.

      So there, my first column in a month, how was it? Let me know at
      andrew.bulik@... . Go on, email me, you know you want
      I'll do my best to reply to all.

      Until next time (hopefully not a month away), Ciao for now.


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