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Beta request~ for 4 fics

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  • denyce36
    Hi *waves* Not sure of anyone s availability so I ll just post ;) I have 3 fics completed & posted (Dec holiday rush) and I right now I m working on a sequel
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2012
      Hi *waves*

      Not sure of anyone's availability so I'll just post ;)

      I have 3 fics completed & posted (Dec holiday rush) and I right now I'm working on a sequel to one that I'd like beta'd.

      1) No Regrets (Lorne, clone-Beckett, past Lorne/Beckett, PG).
      Its bittersweet of clone-Beckett discovering his original had a relationship with Lorne. Its this one I'm writing a follow up to.
      WC = 1,679 (sequel under 3k)

      2) Tigger this is a prequel of sorts to A La Mode. A La Mode is crackish about the teams getting superpowers where Edna Mode designs them new uniforms. Tigger is before that when the teams are in quarantine. (Lorne/Ronon, McKay/Sheppard, PG)
      WC = 1,180

      3)Surprise (Lorne/Ronon, PG) Lorne's reaction after he receives unexpected news (Mpreg)
      WC = 728

      I've already posted each on my journal: Denyce, http://denyce.livejournal.com/profile

      However I would like to have them beta'd so I can add them to the archive. If you're interested you can check 'em out on my journal. I haven't added them to my masterlist, so just scroll back a pinch in Dec and you'll find them. If you're interested please email me at: denyce36@ (yahoo or gmail) dot com with SGA beta in the subject line.

      Thanks in advance =)
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