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RE: [wraithbeta] Re: Quick research question

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  • Anthony Docimo
    hi ... you re welcome. ... she was in more than one ep, I m pretty sure. and that s even if you don t think Miko and Dr Kusanagi are the same person. ...
    Message 1 of 12 , Dec 27, 2006

      >From: "jannet_elliot" <janethunder@...>
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      >Subject: [wraithbeta] Re: Quick research question
      >Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 13:37:35 -0000
      >First of all, thank you to everyone who took time to answer my

      you're welcome.

      >Second, I did get a few differing answers, so I thought I'd toss
      >them out there and see what ya'll make of it.

      >Might have the gene:
      >Poor Miko wasn't even mentioned, but then I went back to check and
      >realized that I forgot to put her on the list:)
      >The comments I received for the might have's, include that Ford
      >piloted jumpers early in season one (but also that he definitely
      >didn't have the gene), Stackhouse is a common fanon carrier, and
      >Cadman is so cool that she could have the gene even though canon
      >hasn't told us so. And, as I recall, Miko was only in a single
      >episode of canon, and then only to gush over Rodney (which,
      >unfortunately, doesn't tell us much about her ATA status).

      she was in more than one ep, I'm pretty sure.

      and that's even if you don't think "Miko" and "Dr Kusanagi" are the same

      >Honestly, of the four (Ford, Cadman, Stackhouse, and Miko), my story
      >can only support 1-2 of them being a carrier. Which do ya'll think
      >are the most likely suspects?

      Ford's been known to pilot puddlejumpers.

      Miko might have the gene.

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    • entsg1efc2002
      Hi Jane, Ok, thought I d clear up a few things I read in the previous posts. The episode where we learn about Teyla s Wraith DNA is indeed The Gift , last ep
      Message 2 of 12 , Dec 27, 2006
        Hi Jane,

        Ok, thought I'd clear up a few things I read in the previous posts.

        The episode where we learn about Teyla's Wraith DNA is indeed "The
        Gift", last ep of season 1 before the 3 part Seige eps. And the
        explaination gave about her ancestor's being injected with Wraith DNA
        is correct.

        Of the people on your list:

        Ford - no, only seen in a co-pilot seat in a jumper in the "premier"
        flying with Sheppard, in "Defiante One" flying with Markham, and in
        "Storm/Eye" flying with Carson. However when he got Wraithified he
        did escape in a Jumper and that was never explained because the Wraith
        can't fly them and was a WHOLE mess in fanfic circles.

        Cadman - never said either way, but I like her so I'd give it to her
        if you like. :)

        Lorne - Yes, he's been flying Jumpers ever since he arrived on the
        Daedalus, but not known if it's natural, could have had the gene
        therapy at the SGC like alot of Everett's strike force did.

        Stackhouse = never mentioned in canon. He was usually partnered with
        Markham who DOES have it, but again same with Ford he was always in
        the co-pilot seat as seen in "38 Minutes".

        Markham - as mentioned above, YES does have it and is natural, one of
        the few they brought with them but always seemed nervous when he used
        it, especially flying Jumpers, maybe he should have stayed away from
        them since that's how he died. :(

        Weir - definately does NOT have it. Koyla asked her in Storm and she
        said no, and as said before, with Sheppard having it and being her
        2nd, she would need to remain nutral if something ever happened to the
        people with it.

        And Miko was supposed to be on the list. It is assumed that Miko IS
        Dr. Kusanagi who is mention in many episode as having the gene and
        being on of Carson and Rodney favorite lab rats for chair testing.

        So for your fic, it would be fun if the girls were the ones who had
        it. So give it to Cadman and Miko. :)

        Hope this helps,
      • jannet_elliot
        ... Very much so, thanks! Jane
        Message 3 of 12 , Dec 27, 2006
          > Hope this helps,
          > Laheara

          Very much so, thanks!

        • with_an_apostrophe
          Regarding Ford and the jumper, Martin Wood (or Martin Gero) explains this in one of the commentaries. Ford can use the co-pilot s controls, which are standard
          Message 4 of 12 , Dec 28, 2006
            Regarding Ford and the jumper, Martin Wood (or Martin Gero) explains
            this in one of the commentaries.

            Ford can use the co-pilot's controls, which are standard push button
            controls that anyone could use.

            Anyone can launch a jumper from Atlantis, as exiting the jumper bay,
            descending to the Gate Room and shooting forward through the Gate are
            automated systems that a non ATA carrier can activatefrom the co-
            pilot's seat.

            Ford, or anyone else without the gene, would not be able to move a
            jumper an inch if it were landed on an ordinary planet - as the
            automatic launch systems tie in with Atlantis' systems.

            And just to clarify - Ford definitely doesn't have the gene - see 'Hot

            In fanon, Miko and Dr Kusanagi (mentioned by Rodney and Radek in one
            of 'The Sieges') are one and the same person as mentioned before. It's
            a nice idea - it means we have a complete person - first name, last
            name, face and even a personality!
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