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Re: [wraithbeta] Seeking Beta For Dark McWeir Story (redevelopment)

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  • Kat Ellis
    If you re OK with not-the-quickest-turnaround-in-the-world I d be willing and may even be able. Kat. ... From: the_dark_light To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2006
      If you're OK with not-the-quickest-turnaround-in-the-world I'd be willing and may even be able.

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      Sent: Sunday, 27 August, 2006 2:30:24 AM
      Subject: [wraithbeta] Seeking Beta For Dark McWeir Story (redevelopment)

      Hello all, I'm back from my creative sabbatical. (I'm sure many of
      you've been there before, studies/work (delete as appropriate) get in
      the way of writing and of course, it takes a while to start up again)

      I need to finish writing Goodbye McKay. I had planned to write the
      final chapter, but there are quite a few areas where (I think) the
      story can be improved. So I'm modifying it in some places, and
      rewriting it in others.

      In particular, I need to make sure that the sentence structure/grammer
      and writing style are up to spec

      If anyone's interested in helping, please, let me know.

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