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Seeking Beta for McShep AU (PG-13 or *possibly* R, max)

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  • Erin McBride
    So I just tried posting this a while ago, and it hasn t shown up yet, so here we go again. Hopefully it works this time... I m looking for a beta for my McShep
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2006
      So I just tried posting this a while ago, and it hasn't shown up
      yet, so here we go again. Hopefully it works this time...

      I'm looking for a beta for my McShep AU, dark and angsty with a side
      order of fluff, and possibly a very long fic, but don't worry, my
      beta (whomever that lucky soul may be) will only be getting this one
      in installments as I slowly churn it out, so as not to be
      overwhelmed by my magnificence. (Stop channeling Rodney!) Although
      I'm still very new to the whole slash genre, I've been writing for a
      while and I actually have a beta for my het and gen stories, so I'm
      not a newbie to Atlantis fic or the beta process. The rating for the
      series will be mostly due to angst, language, and romance of the
      McShep variety. Romance stuff is limited to PG-13 and the
      angstification is what may kick it up to R (though I doubt it) so
      sadly there will be no hot gay sex. Not because I don't like it, (I
      gobble up any NC-17 PWP I can find) but because I suck fantastically
      at it. (I have been told, however, that I write rather steamy make
      out scenes.)

      I'm looking for a beta that can help with grammar (I have a tendency
      to liberally apply commas and parenthesis, if you couldn't already
      tell) and point out plot holes that need to be filled, and
      definitely help with characterization, because I'm going to have a
      couple sets of Rodneys and Sheppards running around, and I want
      distinct personalities for each. Basically, I want a beta that's
      going to offer a helping hand when I need it and occasionally kick
      my ass into gear, because I'm sure I'll need that too.

      If anyone is still interested after my bit of rambling, I've set up
      a LJ site with the first chapter of the fic. If you'd like to see
      how dedicated I am to this fic (i.e. scary and bored), or if you
      just want to take your beta skills out for a test drive, head on
      over the this site: http://endsandmeans.livejournal.com/504.html
      Plus, this saves me having to e-mail this fic to the surely
      bajillion replies I'll be recieving for this post. (Insert self
      depreciating eyeroll here.)

      Also, I feel I should point out that I am severely sleep deprived
      (29 hours! Whoo hoo!) and highly caffeinated right now, plus
      slightly depressed that I've somehow run out of Cheetos, so I hope
      this all made sense. Clarifications may be needed later...
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