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Seeking Beta(s)

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  • lkfan1
    Hi I m currently beta less (is that a word?). My beta is without internet access and has various other things going on in her life at present. Trust me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2006
      I'm currently beta'less (is that a word?).   My beta is without internet access and has various other things going on in her life at present.
      Trust me when I say I need a beta/betas.  I need somebody who is good at punctuation, and is able to give constructive critcism/suggestions, and discuss story arcs.   
      All of my stories are slash, and the majority are McShep.
      The stories I'm working on at the moment are:-
      Taming John - Harlequin story over at SGA Harlequin LJ.  Already 10 chapters in, probably another 15 to go!  Lots of skullduggery, sexual tension, romance etc.  McShep
      Treaty - written for the kinkathon over at the Atlantiskink LJ.   Has 3 chapters to date, will have a further 3.  This is Rodney/OMC.   It's a romance.  Although it was written for the kinkathon I personally think there is very little kink in it.
      A Botanist's Gift - was written as a one off but I wil be expanding this, probably 2 more chapters and then there will be 2 final chapters, one nice, one not so nice.    It's presently Rodney/Kavanagh with Kavanagh being Rodney's abusive top.   BDSM, spanking, paddling, mental torture, etc.  It's unfortunately 'hurt Rodney' time.
      Watcher  - Again this was written as a one off, set somewhere in Series 2, with 'Evil' Rodney having taken over Atlantis.  He's taken John as he's pet.  Also includes 'Evil/unethical' Carson.   Things won't really get better for John in this fic and it will include such things as fisting, , so if somebody is willing to beta/help on this I'd be grateful.  I'm presently writing the prequel to the Watcher, which means I'm re-writing series 1.  The first chapter has been posted so far.  I really need somebody who will work with me on this, and be able to tell me what they think of the ideas I have for progressing the story forward.
      If anybody is able to help I'd be grateful.
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