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Seeking Betas (multiple stories, more than one beta welcome)

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  • Iocane
    Greetings from beyond the void, (I figured it was better than hello!) Unfortunately my current beta is unable to continue with my stuff so I ve got a mound of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2006
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      Greetings from beyond the void,
      (I figured it was better than hello!)
      Unfortunately my current beta is unable to continue with my stuff so I've got a mound of stories in search of betas ... Below is a list of the ones that I've pretty much worked to death and need to pass on to someone else before my widdle brain explodes.
      I wasn't sure whether to do one BIG post for all the stories needing betas or one for each.  I figured it would be safer, in general, NOT to spam so there are EIGHT stories here and they're all (In my humble opinion) ready for a beta.
      My main request for these is that whoever betas them be ... harsh? I don't just want to be told 'it's fine as is go ahead and post' -- I know I have a severe weakness where the rules of grammar and punctuation are concerned so anyone familiar with them would be more than welcome.  Otherwise mostly plot holes, logistical errors and characterization are the main concerns. 
      Tit for Tat -- PG, John/Rodney - Short and sweet, not quite "fluff" but not angst or drama or pwp either, mostly just in need of mechanics checker since my grammar not so good. ;-) 1,800 words.
      Breaking -- NC-17, John/Rodney, post "The Defiant One" -- Lots of emotional ugliness, some graphic hints of gore.  This one was worked over pretty thoroughly by my previous beta so I think it just needs a final look over before posting. 7,200 words.
      Shields - NC-17, John/Rodney -- PWP, pure and simple.  Very very very light/vague subdom play mentioned (mentioning in case that's an extreme squick) 1,600 words (There's a sequel in the works but it isn't ready yet)
      Final Moments -- PG-13, McShep, Rodney Deathfic, takes place about 10 years in the future. 3,500 words.
      The Little Things -- NC-17 -- McShep, some angst, some sex.  Not particularly episode related  11,000 words.
      Scars of Loss - PG - Rodney/Radek, Rodney Deathfic, future fic, written for an LJ challenge.  ALread posted there but I'd like to improve it before posting to the world at large. 1,000 words
      Wildflower - PG, Lorne/Parrish, Basically just fluff.  Written for the same LJ challenge as Scars of Loss and posted there but I'd also like to improve it before putting out for the world in general. 1,000 words
      From The Sea -- PG-13, Zelenka-centric MPREG.  Main pairing is Zelenka/Weir with hints of John/Rodney.  Some depictions of vague violence and homophobia/"freak"-phobia and of course, pregnant male. (Those wacky Ancient fertility devices will gecha every time!) -- 20,000 words
      Thank you everyone for your time,
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