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Re: ADMIN: Beta Database and other animals

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  • victoriaely
    Hope you get well soon :) This is a great idea, I think that this will smooth things and help readers and writers a lot. I d like to help set this up, if
    Message 1 of 2 , May 3, 2006
      Hope you get well soon :)

      This is a great idea, I think that this will smooth things and help
      readers and writers a lot.

      I'd like to help set this up, if Larkin needs any help :)


      --- In wraithbeta@yahoogroups.com, Alyse <alyseci5@...> wrote:
      > I'm doped up on cold medication tonight, so will probably be
      > unreasonable bouncy and maybe even a little incoherent. So bear with
      > me :) It's not often I delurk.
      > A few things:
      > - Larkin has suggested setting up some kind of lists of beta readers -
      > with strengths etc - to make it easier to find the type of beta reader
      > you need.
      > Which means, of course, that she's volunteered to do just that. So,
      > polish up your resumes and think about what your betaing strengths and
      > weaknesses are, and she'll inform the list in due course about how
      > she's going to do it.
      > - I'd also like to remind everyone of the fantastic links that
      > lemontea added to the links section a while ago now. There are some
      > wonderful articles about the art of beta reading and the beta
      > reader/author relationship and how to make it work, and it's worth
      > checking them out.
      > - a reminder that guidance is given on the front page about the
      > information to include when requesting a beta reader. I'd also like
      > to offer a little bit of advice.
      > When you're requesting a beta reader - or offering to beta read -
      > please proofread and spellcheck your e-mails to the list. I know that
      > e-mail is a quick and easy medium, and a lot of people's grammar,
      > spelling and punctuation is far better in formal forms of
      > communication than might be evident in a quick e-mail, but if you're
      > requesting/offering help, remember that it's better to give as good an
      > impression as possible.
      > If you request a beta reader, and your request e-mail contains a
      > number of spelling and/or other errors (missing apostrophes etc),
      > you'll probably find people reluctant to offer their services because
      > they're wondering about the amount of input they'll need to provide
      > and how many mistakes of a similar nature there will be in your
      > stories.
      > If you're offering a service as a beta reader and your offer e-mail
      > contains a lot of mistakes, then you'll probably find that no one
      > takes you up on your generous offer because they don't think you can
      > help them.
      > First impressions might be misleading, but they're often the ones
      that count :)
      > Also, in both cases, please be clear what you need or are offering (I
      > need specific help with characterisation/I'm very good at spotting
      > plotholes etc.)
      > Thank you.
      > --
      > love and Thorntons' chocolates
      > Al
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      > unconsciousmind - www.unconsciousmind.co.uk
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