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Re: [wraithbeta] Hiya: Beta Desperately needed. I just got this letter from Wraithbait...

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  • Linnea H
    Hi Keikokin-- How long is your story? I can do a quick grammar beta if it s not too long. Linnea ... Hi Keikokin-- How long is your story? I can do a quick
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2006
      Hi Keikokin--
      How long is your story?  I can do a quick grammar beta if it's not too long.

      On 4/29/06, keikokin <keikokin@...> wrote:
      Thank you for submitting your story to the Wraithbait archive. It has
      now been approved and uploaded.

      I did want to let you know that you have a strange sentence in the
      first paragraph: "Beside him, Dr. Jackson O'Neill gasped audibly."
      This actually doesn't make any sense--either you're missing a comma
      (or two), or you need to add some words. :)

      I also wanted to suggest that you get a different beta. Your current
      one seems to be good with such things as plot, but her grammar,
      unfortunately, is not actually good enough to be a real help to you.
      I found a lot of errors with dialogue punctuation, enough that if you
      hadn't obviously made an effort to have this chapter gone over, I
      would have had to ask you to fix them and resubmit. As it is, I'm
      afraid that I may have to do so in future if these kinds of errors
      keep showing up.

      Some examples:

      "That George, what a flirt[.]," Elizabeth laughed.

      Daniel raised a hand[.], "Yes, I wondered if we could have the usual
      meeting right away so we can[--] …"

      "Hello[.]," Rodney grinned at them

      "It's about your ATA gene, in part[,]." Jack began.

      Please keep in mind that these are only a few examples. There were
      problems with at least half the lines of dialogue.

      If you haven't already, please do check out the Wraithbeta Yahoo
      List, and ask specifically for a beta with a good grammar background.
      If you get in a real bind, I can go over the punctuation for you, but
      since that's not a complete beta, you'll probably want to get someone
      else. :)

      All the best,

      ...SO as you can see I'm in a real bind. HELP!!

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