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697Re: [wraithbeta] Need a GEN Beta

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  • mymanezra
    Mar 29, 2010
      I would be more than happy to help with plot and pushing to get you to finish.......my grammer skills are fair.........put I'm great with plots and storyline........

      "Do you want to go for four?"

      --- On Mon, 3/29/10, ga_unicorn1960 <caras_auntie@...> wrote:

      From: ga_unicorn1960 <caras_auntie@...>
      Subject: [wraithbeta] Need a GEN Beta
      To: wraithbeta@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, March 29, 2010, 9:49 PM

      I am trying to get back into my writing and am searching for a beta who will help whip me into shape. Currently I have four unfinished stories that I want to finish languishing on my hard-drive. Unfortunately, I am a master procrastinator.

      I write Gen, mostly Sheppard and McKay interaction, h/c, some drama/angst. What I need from a beta - besides someone to curb my love of commas, run on sentences and check for their/they're/ there confusion - is someone who will honestly critique the work. Tell me if there are slow spots, or boring bits, or just that the whole thing is ill-conceived. I don't want someone who will be shy about telling me that this bit here would be infinitely better if I moved it over here.

      And, at this point, I need someone who will send me harassing emails, demanding new work. Make me feel guilty.

      Does this sound like you?

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