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676Search for a new beta reader

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  • amrei4077
    Jun 27, 2009
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      I'm looking for a new beta reader(English mother-tongue speaker), because my former beta reader now focuses on a new fandom.
      I already published nine stories (mash4077 -> wraithbait, sga4077 -> fanfiction.net). Some are humour stories, other are serious ones.
      Not being a native speaker, my main problems are punctuation, grammar and tense, and sometimes the phrasing. But I think that this sounds worse than it is.

      My new story is less than 5,000 words and Sheppard's POV. He visits McKay in a psychiatry and remembers about what had happened. Dr Keller died before the events of the story occur (I'm sorry, I never planned to write a character death story). It takes place after season five.
      If you are able to understand German you can read the story at fanfiction.net (title: In der Psychiatrie) and see if you like it.

      I'm using Microsoft Word 2000 (word.doc).

      Though I'm writing and planning other stories I already would be glad to find a beta reader for this story only. (But I won't mind if you are interested in beta reading other stories, too.)

      One thing I should also mention: If I'm not responding immediately to your mail, it's not because I'm impolite. I just don't have internet at home, but I'm regularly online at least once a week.

      I'm looking forward for a positive response.
      Best wishes,