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673OT: Pimping a very important new site.

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  • crowanimation
    Apr 1, 2009
      My best friend has just started a new site and it is on a very important idea.

      It is on personal safety and how we can be more aware of our suroundings and the dangers around us.

      The point of the group is to share storiess of events that have taught you to be more aware of the dangers around you in the hopes that it will save someone else from going through it.

      This goes from noticing a person following you or acting strangely who may be up to no good, to hidden dangers to our children. From a toy that you learned the hard way as not being safe of a new gadget that saved a life or makes keeping your child safer.

      Please check out the site and share any stories you can think of. Remember ... your story may save a life or prevent an unnessesary injure just by you sharing.

      PLEASE share this site.

      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/crimepreve ntion_personalsa fety/

      Thank You,