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671Beta wanted for short Ronon centered fic. Het, NC-17.

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  • xanxei
    Jan 24, 2009
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      Fic is 1600 words, and not really very graphic. It's not a happy fic,
      but it isn't very disturbing, either. Kind of sad.

      It's Ronon/OFC - but NOT a Mary Sue! At least I don't think so - these
      things are why betas are good to have.

      I have a feeling it could use some re-writing, but it's too fresh for
      me to tell which bits and how. Also, English is not my first language,
      so it probably needs a check.

      Also, I'm wondering what kind of subtext a reader would get from this fic.

      I can take all the constructive abuse you want to dish out.