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670Beta Reader needed for McShep story - NC17, first time, 8242 words

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  • Reulann
    Jan 6, 2009
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      I need a beta reader for a McShep first time episode tag to
      'Travellers'. It's approx. 8240 words and I'd really like someone with
      good grammar skills to give it a once over. I'm pretty easy to get along
      with and don't tend to sulk, if someone tells me I made a mistake
      somewhere. If I didn't want to know where I went wrong, I wouldn't
      bother to ask for your help ;-)

      Also, if someone, who doesn't absolutely loathe the Jennifer/Rodney
      relationship reads this; I could need a bit of help with another story
      that starts out as McKay/Keller and turns into McShep. Since no one I
      know seems approachable when it comes to that pairing, I'd really,
      really appreciate any offersof help for that one as well.

      Thank you kindly in advance