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  • Linda
    Nov 28, 2005
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      Hi micehell,

      I'm willing to help if you still need someone :) Just mail it on
      through and i'll oblige as quick as possible.


      --- In wraithbeta@yahoogroups.com, "miceinhell" <micehell@e...> wrote:
      > Author: micehell
      > subject: mid-length gen story (I know, what's up with that) about
      > John. Set in his childhood... which I seem to be fixated with.
      > Certain amount of angst, but no warnings needed.
      > What's needed: I don't really need someone for copy editing here
      > (though, sure, I certainly don't mind when my typos are pointed
      > What I'm after is someone to critique the story; tell me where the
      > writing's weak, stilted, what have you. I'm also after someone who
      > can tell me if the whole thing is too much like 8000 other stories
      > there. If you choose to beta for me, you won't have to worry about
      > being polite. It may be a bit of a smack to the ego when someone
      > trashes my stuff, but that's momentary, and I'd much rather have
      > than to put something out with problems that someone was too nice
      > tell me about. ;)
      > I should be finished with the first draft either later today, or
      > tomorrow. I just wanted to line the beta up in advance, if I can.
      > You can get hold of me by either replying directly (not to the
      > because I might not see it) to this, or writing me at micehell at
      > rodentinferno dot com.
      > thanks
      > (if you would like to evaluate my writing before you agree, just
      > in mind that though this story is completely gen, I'm normally a
      > writer. But you can see my stories on the archive or at my site,
      > http://rodentinferno.com )
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