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664Beta for a Carson/Rodney fic. NC-17 in later chapters.

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  • Johanna Jonsdottir Opedal
    Nov 16, 2008
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      Hi. I am first and foremost on the lookout for a Beta that can help me
      with all the basics: spelling, punctuation, grammar and the likes thereof.

      I would absolutely love to have a beta that could give me constructive
      criticism, their view on my characterization, a bit of help with the
      science in the story, the flow of the story and any plot holes that
      might arise. As I said, I would love to have all of the above, but I
      might just be greedy. :)

      Well then, back to the story.

      I am currently working on my first Stargate fiction, ever, and I am a
      bit nervous that I might botch it up horribly, but here I go:

      The story, at this point, involves mpreg, but I might change that part
      later if I find that it does not fit with the story further on.

      After being trapped with Carson in an ancient machine, Rodney finds
      himself pregnant. throughout the story they must learn to cope with
      the new life-altering situation they have been put in

      The story will move slowly forward, establishing the friendship as a
      stable ground before moving on towards any kind of romantic
      relationship between the two.

      (I am quite sick of the "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" stories where they
      all jump from friends to lovers in the space of six hundred words or

      There will be much uncertainties and probably some angst and a bit of
      morality issues thrown into the mix. I have to say that the angst
      level will be kept at a moderate, but since some people have a low
      angst-toleration I can't promise if they will find it too much or not.
      I am not a big fan of angst, but I write it when the story demands it.

      I should probably state the ratings, too. I have plans to write sex in
      this story, but not for many chapters to come. It will mostly be at a
      PG-13 level, with a few well-placed curses, but the overall rating
      will be NC-17.

      Pairing is, of course, Beckett/McKay.

      Warnings include M-preg, angst, gay sex, cursing, AU (Beckett never
      died in 'Sunday'), possible spoilers for whole series (probably just a
      mentioning or two).

      Number of chapters. No idea. Probably around 10/15. Will change as the
      story progresses.

      Additional knowledge: I am not a native English-speaker...