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662need a beta for an explicit mcshep

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  • suicidallemoneater
    Nov 15, 2008
      Hey there. I've never posted in this fandom before, and I need a beta
      to check over my story. First off, no kiddies. It's definitely M
      and/or NC-17, and since it's McShep, it's also m/m. The story takes
      place in season 4 after Miller's Crossing and before Quarantine. It's
      called "The Legend of Kirk" and can be described thusly:

      Colonel Sheppard really isn't Captain Kirk, and Rodney knows it, so
      why perpetuate the myth?

      Story's a little over 5,000 words, and I'd especially like to see if
      others think it's in character. I'm definitely open to suggestions and
      ideas from whoever's willing to check it out.

      Thanks a lot,