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648Re: [wraithbeta] I need a beta

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  • Zafra Davian
    Nov 8, 2008
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      I would be willing to take a look at it. I'm kinda crazy about characterization, though, just a warning. lol If it's *consistent* then that's ok. I'll live with it.

      Now who's rambling? Anyway, far as the episodes, I would try either iTunes if you can afford it (1.99each, I think, US) or I have had luck finding them on usenet. You would have to pay for an account to download, but then you could get so much more besides that (I get music, movies, etc) for around $10 a month. 

      Some people might have other ideas. I know there were some people in the Buffy fandom who were doing sales of VCR tapes (I got season 2 that way) but that's *so* last century. :) 


      --- On Sat, 11/8/08, magdalenabiondi <magdalenabiondi@...> wrote:
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      Subject: [wraithbeta] I need a beta
      To: wraithbeta@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, November 8, 2008, 4:45 PM


      After not writting for a long time I started with a new story. I'm
      not a native speaker of English and this will be the second story I
      write in this language. Though I have some knowledge on how to write
      in English, it may not be good... but I'm sure you'll have no
      problems understanding anything.

      It's a GEN story. For now, only the prologue is ready, but I'm
      almost finishing the first chapter. It starts with the SG 1, but it
      will soon be a crossover between SG and SGA. Its an AU.

      I need grammatical and spelling correction and of course any other
      commentaries will be appreciated. I must warn you, I've only seen
      two episodes of the first season and a few of the last of Stargate
      SG 1, so the characters may be off character. If anyone knows where
      I can watch the serie?

      Well, I'm getting off topic now. To sum up, GEN story, crossover
      eventually), native Spanish speaker, grammatical and spelling
      correction.. . Did I forget anything? If so please ask.

      Let me know if you are interested.. . I promise not to disapear again
      (like I did with my first story. It's just that my muse abandoned
      that story to start this one instead)



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