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647I need a beta

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  • magdalenabiondi
    Nov 8, 2008
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      After not writting for a long time I started with a new story. I'm
      not a native speaker of English and this will be the second story I
      write in this language. Though I have some knowledge on how to write
      in English, it may not be good... but I'm sure you'll have no
      problems understanding anything.

      It's a GEN story. For now, only the prologue is ready, but I'm
      almost finishing the first chapter. It starts with the SG 1, but it
      will soon be a crossover between SG and SGA. Its an AU.

      I need grammatical and spelling correction and of course any other
      commentaries will be appreciated. I must warn you, I've only seen
      two episodes of the first season and a few of the last of Stargate
      SG 1, so the characters may be off character. If anyone knows where
      I can watch the serie?

      Well, I'm getting off topic now. To sum up, GEN story, crossover
      eventually), native Spanish speaker, grammatical and spelling
      correction... Did I forget anything? If so please ask.

      Let me know if you are interested... I promise not to disapear again
      (like I did with my first story. It's just that my muse abandoned
      that story to start this one instead)


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