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  • GyrmalcynGoPop
    Aug 10, 2008
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      Hello everyone!

      I am in the process of writing my first fanfic, and while I'm
      enjoying it immensely, I would love to get some constructive

      1.) I'm not a professional writer, and only have vague memories of
      high school English, so a look at my phrasing, grammar and general
      use of language would be good.

      2.) I think I have the characterization right, but a second look is
      always good.

      3.) And finally, is it a good story?? Do you think someone would
      actually want to read it? Do I need to shorten chapters, include
      more details, remove passages?

      To give more details of the story itself, it is quite long. I can
      easily see this becoming more of a novella, since I'm using an
      original character. It will be slashy, NC-17 stuff in the future,
      but not yet. Three chapters in, everyone are still in their canon
      relationships, or unpaired. The primary pairing will be John
      Sheppard with my original, male character, with the possibilities of
      other relationships/tangles.

      Currently, this looks to be a long-term project, though I do have a
      plot outlined and a definate ending planned. I'm producing roughly
      one chapter every three to four days. I use Microsoft Word.

      My ultimate goal would be to post this story on Wraithbait, but I'd
      love for someone to take a peek at it first. If anyone would like to
      volunteer, feel free to respond here, or e-mail me directly.

      Thanks for your time!