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621beta wanted please

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  • lady_kirastorm
    Jun 15, 2008
      I'm looking for a beta for a crossover story of undetermined length.
      (i have 2 parts finished and am working on a third) I am however
      aiming to get it all wrapped up in 20 chapters or less.

      I need a little help on grammar. My spelling is decent (and so is my
      spell checker) but my grammar isn't as great, and though i am working
      my butt off on it, an extra eye is needed.

      I am fairly up on the series involved, and SGA is considered an AU,
      spinning off shortly before the events of "Sunday". The crossover
      'verse involved is Veronica Mars. You don't need to know anything
      about the series to beta my fic.

      please give me a shout if you are interested, i can promise tons of
      praise and thanks and internet cookies to any volunteers.