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612I need beta for my story. First chapter only, category: general, 2070 words. SGA.

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  • Magdalena Biondi
    May 5, 2008
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      I need someone to read my story and tell me what mistakes, gramatical and spelling mistakes, I've made.
      English is not my mother tongue, so please ask if you have a hard time trying to undestand something. I promise I'm doing my best.
      And I'm new to this whole beta thing, so I don't know if this was the way I was suppoused to ask someone to do this, if not, please tell me what should I do.
      Sorry if I'm being a little repetitive, but in the page they said I had to make myself clear...
      If you are 'betaing' my story, you should pay attention, besides grammar and spell, to the dialogs... I read an article about it, but it's very different from the way I'm used to write, so there are likely a lot of mistakes there.
      Finally, even tought I'm a fan of the show, most of my knowledge comes from other fics, so please tell me if you see something really off-character, or something like that.
      I think that's all, but feel free to send me an e mail if you have doubts, comments or whatever.
      Thanks very much for reading.
      My e mail is: magdalena_biondi@...
      Just in case u.u (:

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