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61Re: How to Beta

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  • lemontea58
    Nov 24, 2005
      I'm glad you like the links. I've enjoyed reading up on the topic and
      related topics. I added a few extra links that I found. But I think
      I've added enough for a while :)

      --- In wraithbeta@yahoogroups.com, "Lorelle" <timrelle@y...> wrote:
      > Thankyou! I have Beta'd a few stories now and I wasn't really sure
      > what was required of me. I bookmarked all your links and have started
      > working my way through them alphabetically. I've just been to
      > http://www.betsyda.com/writing/beta-read/beta-read.html
      > and found it quite helpful. While I know some people only want
      > spelling/grammar checked, this site provides a good guide for Beta-
      > ing - simply by reading the comments of other Beta's - for those who
      > have writers wanting something more detailed. I have been working by
      > the idea that; you don't just comment on what is wrong/could be done
      > differently, but also point out what sounds great/funny/etc. This
      > seems to be working, so far (if anybody's looking for some really
      > brief advice on how to beta). I will work my way through the rest of
      > the links and let you know which others I find the most helpful.
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