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559Hmm are there actually any beta's here?

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  • thepigshavelanded
    Aug 27, 2007
      Newbie to Wraithbait but not Fan Fiction. I'm looking for a beta to
      help me with a Stargate Babylon 5 crossover AU universe.

      The Universe has completely changed.

      At the end of season 10 they send the Odyssey back in time with an AI
      controlling the ship. They send technology, minerals and materials, as
      well as other ships and weapons to use and study.

      The timeline changes, not as many confrontations as the original
      series. In the end they create three BC-303 class ships. There first
      mission they end up in the B5 universe at the beginning of the shadow
      war, so rougtly around the start of season 2 (B5)


      email me @ thepigshavelanded@...