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538Beta(s) needed

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  • nightchaserslash
    May 13, 2007
      Hey all,

      Looking for a beta(s) to go over a 21,091 word WIP I've been writing
      forever called The Pack ... it is currently on Wraithbait. I need some
      peoples to go through whats already written and basically tear it to
      shreds grammatically, spelling, and plot issues. I would like to have
      this done before I attempt to write anymore.
      This is a NC17 rated story with slash, het, threesomes (+ extra),
      voyeurism, blood play, gore, violence, non-con and BDSM. Mostly
      centred around John/Rodney but with just about everyone else from
      Atlantis and SG1 thrown in there aswell.

      Thanks heaps.