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537Beta needed

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  • Bonnie
    May 7, 2007
      Hi folks!

      I could use a beta reader for a McShep slash, post Tao of Rodney fic.
      It's 1500 words. And kinda schmoopy. I basically just want a
      read-through to catch any grammar/spelling errors and any thoughts you
      have like 'dude, this is so out of character, try this instead' and
      whatnot. I don't have Word, but I do have WordPad and Notepad.

      This isn't my first fic, and I usually just go by the seat of my pants
      and go unbeta'd, but there's this thing, and it's called 'patience', I
      guess I should try to learn that, lol.

      Also, I'd like someone who is open to working with me in the future. I
      only write fics every few months at the most, but I think a go-to
      fresh pair of eyes would be wicked beneficial. And randomly, I'm
      working on a McShep AU where zombies exist. So liking violence? A
      probable plus. And I don't usually go into NC-17 sexin. So as the Bush
      song goes, there's no sex in my violence. *cough*

      I'm going to quit rambling now.

      Thanks for your time.

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