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528Help! Beta needed for McShep humour fic...

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  • rasah1
    Apr 28, 2007
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      Hi, I have a previously posted fic (posted to my lj) which I'd like to
      post to Wraithbait, but it was rejected because of (mainly) the
      punctuation and a few tense shifts. I'm very new to this and have
      mainly been posting for fun but would really like to take it more
      seriously, and try to develope my writing skills.
      I'd really love for someone to beta a little humour fic i've got -
      it's not long (2.5k words), and is really only PG13 for a bit of bad
      language (of the blasphemous variety).
      I'd really appreciate any help anyone could offer.
      Thanks very much :)
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