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486Looking for a beta

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  • Karla
    Mar 24, 2007
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      I have decided to accept a challenge and am looking for a beta to read
      and help me with what I have written. This is the first story I will
      have written to publish. It is a slash story with John Sheppard/Rodney
      McKay and is definitely an adult story rating. The challenge story is
      called Cycle continues and is posted on the Wraithbait site. It
      involves dark and disturbing scenes especially at the beginning so it
      is not for those who are extremely sensitive but I promise it will get
      better later on. I need someone to proofread and give constructive
      criticism. I am planning on a long story but as I am a worker and full
      time student it may take me a while to finish it. If you are
      interested please contact me. Thank you, Karla
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