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  • ShaMak
    Feb 5, 2007
      Probably, and I stress that this is just probability, if the person is in a place with no access to blood for transfusion, they would pump saline through an IV just to be able to give the heart something to pump. What is usually done is: get the impaled person to the hospital while still impaled (meaning, with the impaling object still in them). If whatever the person was impaled with is not removable, get a team to cut it from it's place; but the objest is not to be removed from the person, lest the blood loss will be severe from the ruptured arteries. When in the hospital, the impaling object will be removed while on surgery, so that the vascular repairs can be done imediately.
      I hope this nonprofessional thought helps you.
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      >Subject: [wraithbeta] First Aid
      >Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 20:26:41 -0000
      >Hi, I need a little help for my story
      >I need to know how an impaled victim who is pinned to the floor be
      >treated who is suffering from Hypovolaemic shock.

      I would suggest joining fanfic_med@yahoogro ups.com (they've covered injuries
      like that, in the past)

      >Specifically what should be done about the wound (the victim cannot be
      >moved and must remain conscious [at least some of the time])

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