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  • Alyse
    Jan 30, 2007
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      I was hoping that with the size of the group and the relative
      inactivity (as mails are limited to requests and responses :)), we'd
      escape the spammers' notice.

      However, twas not to be, unfortunately.

      I've removed the spammer from the group, deleted the message and have
      set it so that all new members are moderated - i.e. all messages from
      them need to be approved by me before they are sent to the group.

      This won't affect current members, but it will mean that in future,
      when someone joins I won't actually set their status to unmoderated
      until they've posted an on topic post and proved that they aren't a

      love and Thorntons' chocolates


      unconsciousmind - www.unconsciousmind.co.uk