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45Re: Looking for a Beta

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  • Lorelle
    Nov 12, 2005
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      --- In wraithbeta@yahoogroups.com, Fiona Turnbull <minifitee@y...>
      > Hi all <waves>
      > I'm looking for a beta reader, someone who can double
      > check spelling and grammer mainly.
      > If your available and/or interested please let me
      > know.
      > Fiona
      > Don't think of it as making an ass out of yourself,
      > Think of it asÂ… sacrificing yourself on the alter of dignity.
      > Don't wake me up at 00: dark hundred. I get grumpy
      > "Buffy," Dawn whimpered. "He's making funnies. Make him stop. It's
      creepy!" The Eighth Weasley by Fyrie
      > ____________________________________________________
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      I would love to Beta it for you. If you want me to do it, you'll
      have to tell me what to do to get the story and so on as I haven't
      Beta'd before.
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