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447Re: [wraithbeta] Question about characters

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  • Alyse
    Jan 7, 2007
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      On 1/7/07, ionaonie <Iona_Onie@...> wrote:
      > Dr Biro

      Dr Biro was the pathologist seen in Hot Zone. I'm not sure if we've
      seen her since but as far as I know she's still around, although it's
      possible she's returned to Earth.

      > Sgt Markham (now, I'm pretty sure he was killed by that lone dart,

      Dead. He was killed in The Brotherhood in Season 1 and you're right,
      it was by a Wraith dart.

      > Dr Lindsay Novak

      Still on the Daedalus as far as we know. Nothing in canon to the contrary.

      > Dr Bill Leee

      As far as Atlantis goes, I think he was seen in The Return Pt 1 as the
      person Elizabeth has to flirt with so that Rodney can access the
      database and give himself access rights, although this appearance
      isn't listed in the database on Gateworld. He's on Earth and pops up
      in SG-1 every now and again.

      > Sgt Stackhouse

      As far as we know alive but not been seen since Season 1, so it's
      possible he's returned to Earth.

      > Parrish

      Only ever seen in one episode (Runner, in Season 2), for two minutes.
      No information about him since then.

      > Simpson

      Not seen since Season 1, but no evidence that she's dead.

      > Miko (what is her surname - I can never remember)

      There's some fannish theories that she's actually the 'Dr Kusanagi'
      who McKay refers to having the gene. Don't think she's been seen on
      screen since Letters From Pegasus.

      > The characters I'm most interested in are those who work with, or
      > for, McKay and any of the marines.

      A good place to find out about characters is the Gateworld Omnipedia:


      love and Thorntons' chocolates


      unconsciousmind - www.unconsciousmind.co.uk
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