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445Question about characters

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  • ionaonie
    Jan 7, 2007
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      I was on IMDB (not the best source, I know), looking at all the
      recurring characters and I was wondering if we knew what had happened
      to them or if they just hadn't been mentioned recently.

      The ones I was wondering about are:-

      Dr Biro
      Sgt Markham (now, I'm pretty sure he was killed by that lone dart,
      but I'm not positive and don't have my DVDs to hand)
      Dr Lindsay Novak
      Dr Coleman
      Cpt Dave Kleinman
      Dr Bill Leee
      Sgt Stackhouse

      And I think also

      Miko (what is her surname - I can never remember)

      The characters I'm most interested in are those who work with, or
      for, McKay and any of the marines.

      Naturally I'm ignoring people like Radek and Lorne, because we do see
      them all the time.

      And are there any other few time mentioned characters I haven't
      mentioned (ones that are, you know, alive)?

      This does all have a purpose since it's all for a fic I'm writing
      although I am genuinely curious as well.

      Thank you for you're time and help.
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