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439Re: [wraithbeta] GEN Beta needed

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  • Sarah Mecan
    Dec 31, 2006
      Hi there!
      I'd be pleased to beta for you. I'm very intrigued by your excerpt, as Rodney is my favorite character, and I like the suspense you've started already. I also think we'd mesh well stylistically, so if you'd like to send me the rest of your fic, this is my email:

      bg11421 <bethgreen@...> wrote:
      Hi listees!

      What started out as my usual ficlet morphed into an actual story.

      As you can guess by the title, The Hunting of the Snark, Rodney is a
      featured character. I also hand out abuse to John and Ronon.

      I'm looking for someone to beta content as well as any grammatical
      nits and crits.

      As it stands now, the story clocks in at a little over 6000 words.

      Here's a snippet:

      >Rodney did the only thing he could think to do: he ran. Overwhelmed
      with terror, he was unable to process anything other than the need to
      flee. Relying on his lower brain functions and fueled by adrenaline,
      he became a creature of pure instinct. He ran, heedless of the rocks
      that tripped him at every turn, at the numerous skin tears and
      bruises he collected with every fall. He continued to pick himself
      up and run on. He forced air into tortured lungs, his hand digging
      into his side where abused muscles ached in protest of his continuing
      headlong flight. He might have continued on for miles, if he had not
      stumbled into a patch of dense vegetation. The vines did not deter
      him; they merely slowed his progress. He fought his way through the
      tangled vegetation that towered over his head and tried to keep him
      captive. The dark density of the vines began to decrease, and Rodney
      struggled to reach the promised daylight. It was the last thing he

      Thank you in advance.

      Beth Green

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