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437Re: Quick research question

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  • with_an_apostrophe
    Dec 28, 2006
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      Regarding Ford and the jumper, Martin Wood (or Martin Gero) explains
      this in one of the commentaries.

      Ford can use the co-pilot's controls, which are standard push button
      controls that anyone could use.

      Anyone can launch a jumper from Atlantis, as exiting the jumper bay,
      descending to the Gate Room and shooting forward through the Gate are
      automated systems that a non ATA carrier can activatefrom the co-
      pilot's seat.

      Ford, or anyone else without the gene, would not be able to move a
      jumper an inch if it were landed on an ordinary planet - as the
      automatic launch systems tie in with Atlantis' systems.

      And just to clarify - Ford definitely doesn't have the gene - see 'Hot

      In fanon, Miko and Dr Kusanagi (mentioned by Rodney and Radek in one
      of 'The Sieges') are one and the same person as mentioned before. It's
      a nice idea - it means we have a complete person - first name, last
      name, face and even a personality!
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