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362Weir/Dex WIP is looking for a beta

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  • Valeria
    Sep 7 2:43 PM
      Other than the usual grammar and spell checking, I'd like advice on characterization, eventual plot holes and story flow.
      It's currently 8.000 words long, and I assume the completed fanfic won't be longer than 20/25K.

      The plot is rather simple: While escaping from a group of hostile natives, Ronon and Elizabeth are separated from the rest of the team and left on the planet. Problems occur in Atlantis and the search mission has to be delayed. 
      The Satedan and the Atlantis leader are on their own, and on foot the Stargate is two days away.
      Mild action, mostly character study and friendship/UST. Rating will probably stay pg-13 throughout the fic.