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340RE: [wraithbeta] Question involving armed services ...

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  • Slade, Penny
    Jul 6, 2006
      IMO it would not be capitalized as it is a general group, and not specifically a branch or person it's referring to .

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      Subject: [wraithbeta] Question involving armed services ...

      What's the proper way to capitalize the various branches of the service when referencing them?  I know/think when referring to the full branch, it's capitalized -- United States Marine Corps, United States Air Force, etc but what if it's just a general reference?
      I'm including a sentence that gives an example of what I mean ...

      "He couldn't meet anyone's eyes, especially the marines, though he felt as though they were all staring at him, through him, like they knew his secret."

      The he in question is just walking through the halls, he's not thinking of or referring to any particular member(s) of the USMC, just the military contingent of the base.

      I have the sneaking suspicion it should be capitalized but if someone could confirm this please ... Thanks!



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