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321Re: [wraithbeta] Seeking: Spot Checker

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  • Iocane
    Jun 7, 2006
      I should have mentioned - the AU is McShep slash with some NC-17 bits.
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      From: Iocane
      Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2006 9:20 PM
      Subject: [wraithbeta] Seeking: Spot Checker

      I've just finished a 30,000+ word AU and need some help with a few things. 
      It's not ready for being fully betad yet but I would like someone who's fairly familiar with NYC to go over some sections of it for me.
      I'm not familiar with the city at all and the only person I know who is was there 30+ years ago. (I've lived in the country and suburbia all my life and this story wouldn't relocate well there)
      Mostly I want to be able to add details like *which* neighborhood things take place in, how long it would take to travel between those areas by subway, car and on foot.  I haven't specifically mentioned which city the story takes place in within the text but I've been generalizing based on my knowledge of NYC.
      I'm asking for the help now just in case I've made a big booboo that interferes with the general plot and overall flow and I'd like to fix it *now* before I put too much effort into things that might need changing.
      If anyone's interested, I can send either the whole shebang or just the relevant 'travely' bits.
      Thanks for your time,

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